Trevor Simumba

Trevor Simumba writes:

Truly I keep asking myself what kind of society are we building under UPND.

So everything must be painted black when it comes to PF. UPND are saints so do not criticise no mater what you feel or see.

Is this truly the Zambia We Want!

No one must dare question the President because he knows what he is doing and he has a brilliant team of Ministers.

But if they are so good why does micro manage each one of them?

They cannot even utter any policy pronouncement without his say so.

We have foreigners running State House policy delivery unit hiding behind the shadows but directing everything.

Then you expect us to keep quiet No and a Big No. Zambia does not belong to UPND alone.

This country is my motherland and I will speak and continue to speak where I see wrong.

Why is the President listening to only to advice from Western powers and not to citizens and other Zambian professionals?

If we had serious MPs they would ask the Veep to respond in Parliament to a simple question : Who are the foreign advisers at State House? Who is paying them? What project is the President discussing with Tony Blair Institute and who will pay for the technical support that will come from this person.

What is Govts position on KCM and Mopani? When will Govt enact a Local Content Bill to ensure that Zambians get a minimum share of all procurement in Zambia?

And when will Govt start paying local debt arrears?


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