State House Has Descended Into Chaos- Linda Banks

Linda Banks

“Unmasking the Reality: Challenges and Opportunities in Zambian Politics

By Linda Banks ©

April 7th (SUSSEX)- The United Party for National Development (UPND) stands as a formidable opposition within itself. It’s internal discord remains a looming threat that cannot be ignored, while the principal turns a blind eye, State House descends into chaos.

Some Ministers running amok and immorality plaguing (Buchilende nabucilamo) in the corridors of power, corruption and nepotism have become the norm, tarnishing the fabric of governance.

Under the leadership of Ba Musamba, the police force finds itself in conflict not only with citizens but also with the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, certain religious institutions stray from their Christ-like principles, and civil society remains lukewarm in its response to the growing crisis. Those who dare to sound the alarm are met with hostility from praise singers who shield the powers that be from criticism.

Amidst this turmoil, there are few voices of reason (Like Chilufya Tayali). While some may suggest direct action, the root of the problem lies deeper. It is imperative that reshuffles occur within the government soon, as the success of the nation depends on effective leadership.

The return of Bashi Tasi and his associates would only exacerbate Zambia’s woes, pushing the country further into ruin.

While President ECL may be perceived as amiable, his leadership style has left Zambia financially depleted. The other crop of opposition leaders fares no better, with uninspiring leaders who lack legitimacy to critique the government.

The cycle of political turmoil continues as leaders vie for power without considering the needs of the citizens they claim to represent.

In such a precarious economic climate, change must be approached with caution. Zambia cannot afford the instability that comes with frequent regime changes. Consistency is key to fostering meaningful progress and restoring the nation’s prosperity. As the country grapples with its challenges, it is essential to remember the words:

“Ala muka twibukisha, you’ll remember us.” Only by facing the harsh realities of the present can Zambia pave the way for a brighter future. Will government heed to this? Well, I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Linda Banks


  1. What a huge piece of shit from Linda Banks who I considered to be more of an intellectual!!
    Linda Banks, the best job you have ever done is ranting pa TV Bakwetu at which you were not good anyway. There’s no point in saying something that makes no sense. Why don’t you say exactly what you want. Nobody is topping you.
    You are busy doing blow jobs kutusungu and surely have no clue on what’s happening on the ground. You like Buchende, ayi. This is not surprising for someone who has been doing Escorts for most your adult life. So tell us on who is doing buchende ku state house, after all you know everything.
    Stop this nonsense of relying on unproven allegations because that will get you into real trouble. Stick to facts when criticising and don’t be too excited with your cheap connections to Govt officials. Tuma hule twa mu diaspora have started being too clever after giving them some sense of respectability. Ndiwe Kabucende, are you not ashamed? Atase.

  2. That is what they write in the west… conspiracy theories and even publish best selling books! Dreaming is free. My advice is when your reality dawn’s, you will find there is no chaos but normal society with normal people. Be the first to cast the stone, Jesus told them, and none did!

  3. When I saw Chilufya Tayali’s name misclassified as a voice of reason, then I could not read further … Kikikiki Ba Lecturer should stick to the Lecture Theater. The streets of politics are for the streetwise!

  4. Linda you are merely speculating! Where’s the empirical evidence of your hypothesis? Stop kindergarten writing as a professional, u are a disgrace.


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