A named State House security officer has bolted with approximately US$ 5million from the grounded private aircraft at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA).

The identified security officer is part of the UPND cadres, who were encrypted into the State House security after Mr Hakainde Hichilema took over office as Head of State.

The security officer is believed to have been on a special assignment to collect the bags of dollars from KKIA for onward delivery.

However, after picking up the money, the named security officer vanished with approximately US$ 5million and is still at large. Efforts to get hold of him, as at last night, proved futile.

Yesterday, the Zambian authorities grounded a private aircraft at KKIA; with the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) seizing the aircraft, gold and large sums of money.

We challenge State House to come clean on this bust and make clear the facts surrounding this incident.

In doing so, let State House address the following questions:

1. Who owns the aircraft?

2. Where did the money come from?

3. Where was the money going?

4. Who owns the contraband?

5. Who are the individuals involved and the reason for bringing such huge amounts of money through such means in the country?

6. When the flight data is analysed, how many trips has this aircraft made to Zambia before; who was using it and on what dates?

7. Under whose local details as per requirement, did the Zambia Airforce authorize this particular aircraft to enter our airspace?

8. Which state officer authorized the landing of this aircraft?

9. How did the named State House security officer manage to escape a secure facility like KKIA with about US$ 5million cash?

10. Can State House disclose the details of this particular security officer; the extent of his involvement and how far they are with the manhunt?

Just yesterday, we raised concern over the evil, disgraceful and morally objectionable activities being peddled by certain identifiable individuals within State House.

We also urged Mr Hichilema to take keen interest in the happenings of literally every department at State House: legal, national security advisory, media, political and so on and so forth. We said, this must be done as a matter of urgency to escape the looming shame on himself and the presidency. We emphasized that there was way too much scum and filth in the team at State House.

But look and see, we seem to have been vindicated in less than 24 hours after giving counsel to Mr Hichilema.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


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