State To Compensate Transport Minister Close To Half A Million Kwacha For The Trauma He Experienced After Police Officers Pointed A Gun At Him In 2020

Frank Tayali

Tayali wins K450,000 compensation for trauma of having gun pointed at him

The Attorney General has agreed to compensate Transport Minister Frank Tayali with K450,000 for the trauma he experienced after police officers pointed a gun at him in 2020.

In a consent judgment signed by ZS Legal Practitioners and the Attorney General, it has been agreed that the state will also cover the plaintiff’s costs, totaling K80,000.

Mr. Tayali had filed a lawsuit against the state before the Lusaka High Court, seeking compensation for the ordeal he endured.

The incident occured when he accompanied UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, now the President of the Zambia, who was summoned by the police for questioning at Police Service headquarters.

Credit: Diamond TV


    • Indigo Tryol you PF criminal why didn’t you sue the Zambia Police for pointing a toy gun at you iwe Chikala? Your comments are stinking and laced with poisonous hatred against HH.

      • Iwe Bob Mpombo these guys are too corrupt. Why are you supporting rubbish? You think voters are stupid?

        Don’t worry, all these monies will be claimed back after 2026 if we elect a real leader.

    • Ba Indigo, there is no looting here. This is a straight forward case, just like Mrs. Mumbi Phiri’s case.

      The Police Force (PF), during Mr. Lungu’s reign had no qualms shooting people at the slightest excuse. The record is there. Mapenzi Chibulo, Nsama Nsama, the young school boy Mugala and others.

      I hope the gentleman responsible will be punished. He is not fit to be a police officer. The perpetrators of these injustices must be personally held to account.

  1. Compansation has been going on for a while now.For me there is a challenge I see here.How was that lump sum of money arrived at ? What is being done to deter the same occurrence in future in the country ? What action has been executed against the culprit Police Officer ?Focus should not be one way traffic but also to strive to prevent repetition.


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