Allegations levelled against me by Mr. MUNIR ZULU in a video widely circulated on various communication and information platforms, have been brought to my attention. Mr. MUNIR ZULU, a Member of Parliament for Lumezi Constituency has stated in the circulating video that he was speaking as a member of the African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (APNAC).

Mr. MUNIR ZULU alleges that I and my counterpart from infrastructure have secretly been appearing before the Anti-Corruption-Commission, from who he has demanded an update on the matter. He also asserts that I have received pecuniary benefit through a bank transfer from a source he has not named. I take great exception to this but assure the nation again that I have not received any such payment either through bank accounts connected to me, directly in cash or in any other illegitimate manner.

I also assure the nation that I have NOT been summoned, NOT been interviewed as a suspect, and NOT been questioned by the Anti-Corruption-Commission or any law enforcement agency in any corruption case. I will seek appropriate statutory remedies for the injury caused to my character by Mr. MUNIR ZULU.

As Minister of Finance and National Planning, I am a public official running a public office. In the course of my duties, my office remains accessible to various stakeholders both within the public sector and outside. It is important to note that law enforcement agencies, in the course of their duties, are free to invite any public official or otherwise to assist with information in an ongoing or planned investigation. They should not be deterred from doing that if it helps in establishing facts in a matter that they are pursuing.

I take this opportunity to assure the public and stakeholders that in the course of implementing our economic transformation programme and helping to better the lives of Zambians, the Government will remain committed to transparency, accountability and the rule of law, now and in future. We have noted with concern, some schemes aimed at deterring us from focussing on sustaining the progress made in repairing the economy, bettering the lives of our citizens, and improving the country’s standing in the international community and strengthening cooperation with all stakeholders, local and foreign. We are on high alert and we will not be derailed.

Issued by:

Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP


Wednesday, 22 March 2023


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