Statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security is Malicious- Emmanuel Mwamba

Emmanuel Mwamba

Patriotic Front Deputy Chairperson Information and Publicity Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed dismay over the statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu that the government has unearthed a ploy in which some political parties, media houses, individuals, and pressure groups are sponsoring sporadic incidences of men and boys being sodomized by force.

At a press briefing held yesterday, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu mentioned that the government is aware that there is a long-term organized scheme to introduce gayism in Zambia’s culture and some political parties have brought some foreign nationals to organize and train the LGBTQ community to champion the homosexuality agenda.

The Minister added that this is a ploy carefully couched to induce negative sentiments on the Zambian human rights record for the donor community to be compelled to withhold aid.

Mr Mwiimbu stated that the motivation behind this scheme is to expose the government to social and economic challenges and to incite people to rise against a legitimate government.

But Emmanuel Mwamba who is also the Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee cited that the claims made by Mr Mwiimbu as shocking because he merely repeated the earlier United Party for National Development (UPND) propaganda claims that an Opposition plot existed to make Zambia ungovernable.

Mr Mwamba mentioned that Mr Mwiimbu also repeated the false assertions that there is a scheme, using the so-called gay agenda, to threaten President Hakainde Hichilema’s government standing with cooperating partners and donor community so as to prevent them from extending to Zambia loans and grants that have been pledged so far.

“It is rather shocking that the UPND can conjure up conspiracy theories just to attempt to injure Opposition leaders and other stakeholders,” Mr Mwamba said

“This has now been affirmed by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security that the UPND/New Dawn Government are engaged in carrying out a similar scheme against the Opposition as was seen in the Black Mamba Plot of the 1990s,” he said

Speaking on behalf of the Patriotic Front, Mr Mwamba categorically stated that as an Opposition party, they are engaged in a democratic process of checks and balances as they did while in opposition, in government and now in the opposition again.

“We also note that Hon. Mwiimbu made Emmanuel Mwamba a subject of his press conference,” Mr Mwamba said

And Mr Mwamba made reference to the inaction by the Zambia Police that has failed to stop cases of homosexuality and its promotion in Zambia, stating that there have been publicized meetings of gay activists held in Siavonga, Lusaka and Livingstone and the Police have done nothing.

He added that it is public knowledge that there is a coordinated campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in Zambia and certain NGOs have been engaged by some cooperating partners in promoting this advocacy as shown by details of their meetings.

“We are also shocked by the declaration by Hon. Mwiimbu that his government found nothing wrong with the Lusaka July that was recently held at the Lusaka Showgrounds, although some activities of the Lusaka July have alarmed and outraged most Zambians, Hon. Mwiimbu says they saw nothing wrong, asserting that in their understanding, this was a mere fashion show and his government found nothing wrong,” he stated

“Reports that men were wearing female dresses and make-up, and men were kissing men, according to him, doesn’t not constitute homosexuality as nothing against the order of nature has been violated,” he added

Mr Mwamba cited that such a statement coming from a lawyer and a Minister of Home Affairs, is very careless and rather irresponsible, as it has the potential to encourage abnormal behaviour as seen at the Lusaka July and regard them as normal, which will violate public morals and laws against homosexuality.

“We wish to emphasize that the rise in crimes, robberies, murders, and recently sexual crimes against boys and men is alarming and requires strong action from the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies and must immediately be arrested,” Mr Mwamba stated

“We have noted that Government is engaged in blame game, shifting responsibilities and failing to attend to crises besetting the country, and this matter is one of them,” Mr Mwamba added

Mr Mwamba mentioned that it is imperative that the government leaders reject homosexuality and its promotion in all its forms and not pass the blame to the Opposition as for example, they have done with the fight against corruption.


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