Good day My fellow leaders.

I have been Compelled to share my rough journey since I joined UPND, ” not that I’m complaining” but to give hope to party members and the general public. It is undebatable that iam one of the few who sacrificed deeply and everything for the party UPND towards the 2021 general elections.

Inspite of my contributions to the cause of bringing the party into goverment..l collided with wanton rejection in the party and never appreciated for the efforts and and sacrifices I made ( many which I can’t list here )What i passed through during and after the 2021 general elections. Iam not a rich man but out of my little errands I spent over K3.7 million to sponsor the UPND in Luanshya district and national wide as well. For the love of the party I went as far as selling my properties..but little did I know that there will be nobody clapping for me or showing appreciation for the efforts . I felt like living in the valley of the shadow of death..As a result of this, l ended up losing everything including my beloved ones. I also lost my employment after being discovered that I was sponsoring the UPND. I wish also to mention that I had a conversation with our able leader, President Hakinde Hichilema at his residence in June 2021 ,the president knows my situation well.

My President Hakinde Hichilema, you may wish to know that I was among the aspiring candidates for the Roan parliamentary seat on UPND ticket in the 2021general election’s. As I have said, i sacrificed heavily by selling my properties which included five flats in New Kasama to raise money for my campaigns and that of the party President Hakinde Hichilema.

Before the adoption process, I played a key role in laying the foundation for the party structures not only in Luanshya district but national wide as well. Why should I be viewed as an enermy..I also bought campaign materials, provided transport, money for food and fuel. I did so because I was followed at my house and promised automatic adoption. I do not know about others but from my end this will forever remain engraved in the sands of time. This was because of the works I did on the copperbelt and else where..Not only that, I also used to forward critical information which helped the party UPND in the campaigns, but highly risked my life and that of my family. Now, you may wish to know that after having sacrificed my flats and mines, I started facing serious financial challenges, and I wonder why my children would suffer to the extent of drinking pure water for lunch not knowing what had happened to their father. At the same time, I have pressure from my family that now perceive me as an irresponsible and broke parent.

And what is more painful is that, My mother died out of depression due to my situation.

With this background, I thought my Party UPND would appreciate in way but nothing so far. I had requested for help from the powers that be for swift deployment into some work to secure my family but I still do know know what I will do to recover what I lost..I felt betrayed and used by my own party UPND at some point.

I do not know how women feel when they have been raped..but I felt that way at some point..But all this Is to encourage our members in upnd who are complaining bitterly. Please, let us not drink from the cup of bitterness and hatred because changing a nation and lives takes a lot of sacrifices and patience. let us support our President Hakainde Hichilema.

It’s not easy to inherit empty government confers. He is trying his best to improve the economy for everyone including our friends in the opposition..we need to understand that parties don’t form government just for a few via short lived solutions..I feel like we have left him alone in the fight. We must be focused more on the positives that have been scored in the local government sector (for raised CDF and extended free education. And our support was not meant to end in August 2021. It’s not easy for him to run the country without our support. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY………………………..God bless you all.

Napita Mukwai
Moffat Mulile


  1. I like your article and how you have come out.
    This afternoon I had a chat with a couple of our colleagues. What came out was far from how you have taken things. The team I had had similar views negative to what it should have been for party organisers. I also cane out the way you have done.
    Our God will judge us brother for now its forward we go.

  2. So your support was only to get something in return but not out of love for your country. Your people or your party? I’m glad you were not picked and I hope you won’t be picked in the future.


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