Bishop Joseph Imakando


June 28, 2021

*Bishop Imakando clears his name*

The Bread of Life Church International (BLCI) General Overseer Bishop Joseph Imakando wishes to distance himself from an article headlined “Dont fix whats not broken, no one with ill-intentions will enter State House,” circulating on social media and authored by Zibani Zambia.

The made-up article claims that Bishop Imakando has urged Zambians to be careful as they choose leaders in the forthcoming general elections, especially at presidential level.

“The article is a total fabrication by unknown people who are deceitfully trying to use Bishop Imakandos name in vain for their own advantage.“

The Bishop has made no statement to persuade Zambians to tow a certain political line or guide them on which presidential candidate to vote for in the August 12 general elections.

“He has not given any interview nor preached a sermon where the alleged sentiments were made.“

As a matter of fact, yesterday (Sunday, June 27, 2021) was Youth Sunday; Bishop Imakando did not deliver any sermon to the congregation.

“The crafters of the fabricated article claim Bishop Imakando said “Late President Mwanawasa was vilified and we only came to realise how great a leader he was when he was gone.“

Further, the Bishop is falsely accused of saying that “We must ensure that we carefully scrutinise all those that aspire to lead us and make sure that we dont fix whats not broken.

For your information, this is the second time in the recent past that our General Overseer is being falsely accused of trying to influence Zambians on how to vote in the forthcoming elections.

We wish to advise that all the said statements must be dismissed with deserved contempt.

*Administration, BLCI


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