…….as former Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani urges police IG to apologise to the security wings.

Lusaka…….. Tuesday, JULY 18, 2023 [SMART EAGLES]

Former Home Affairs Minister Hon Lameck Mangani has urged Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba to withdraw his statement that there are Junkies in the police service.

Mr Musamba is quoted in one of the daily tabloids that the Patriotic Front recruited Junkies who are raping detainees.

Reacting to the statement, Hon Mangani said the security wings are recruited in line with the professional code of conducts

He said it is not the responsibility of the IG to start issuing inflammatory political statements on behalf of politicians.

He said police IG is responsible for the good order of the police, discipline, professionalism including the portraying a good image of the police so as to instil trust among members of the general public

Hon Mangani said the “Junkies” statement therefore has potential to dampen the morale of the men and women in uniform.

“This is the most unfortunate statement. Why did he accept the appointment to head an institution that contains rapists and junkies. He has to withdraw and apologise to the police, security wings and the Zambian people. This statement is inciting the police to protest. Everywhere we have got people who are deviants, but you cannot say that they are junkies,” he said

And Hon Mangani said Mr Musamba should not be surprised if people start disrespecting the police.

“Such statements can only be seen to be political, and in the end steer anger, hate and disdain among citizens towards the police. The IG is inciting the public to start disrespecting the police and our men and women in uniform are human beings who may end up losing lives if the public start reacting to this statements.

The image of the police has been under alot of criticism both in the past and even now, the least you expect from the top police officer is a statement that adds to the narrative,” he said


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