NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says cabinet ministers Dora Siliya and Stephen Kampyongo should not use the police to fight their personal battles.

Reacting to police’s detention of photographer Chellah Tukuta for criminal libel, Kambwili said information minister Siliya should desist from using security wings to settle personal scores.

“Kampyongo, stop misusing the police, stop abusing the police. If Dora Siliya felt that she has being defamed, there is civil proceeding; she should have sued (Tukuta) him for defamation and not using the police. Stop abusing the police. How many people have been defamed by PF MPs, PF cadres?’’ Kambwili asked yesterday.

‘’Remember, they came here (his house), insulted my mother, insulted all of us. And the people who were insulting me are seen at PF secretariat and none of them has been arrested. Cadres were singing in the presence of their secretary general, saying Kambwili…shani shani, insele shekasheka (insults throughout), where was the police to arrest them?”

He noted with regret that because it was a government minister affected, Tukuta had been arrested.

Kambwili warned the PF to stop intimidating youths using the police.

“So, if Dora has been defamed, let her sue on her own so that she can use her own money to pay the lawyers, because that is abusing government institutions. And by the way, let them not intimidate the youths. What they want is to intimidate the youths because if they arrested him in good faith, they should have charged him and given police bond,” Kambwili said further.

‘’But they have kept him throughout the weekend. When a PF minister or cadre is arrested, they are charged immediately and given police bond, and that’s why I am saying they are abusing the police. Why are other people…if Chishimba Kambwili is arrested, if Tukuta is arrested then he has to remain in custody until they take him to court. Ala bane (colleagues), power is sweet but it must be checked. What you are doing to others may also be done to you because political power or office is very temporal, it’s not in perpetuity. If you want to use those offices to fix others, you will also be fixed in future. So, my dear young brother Kampyongo, Dora Siliya, stop using the police to fight your battles and stop intimidating citizens using the police.”


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