Mongu based entrepreneur and businessman Lubasi Nalumango has advised the people to stop blaming the utility company “Zesco” because the problems at the electricity supply is because of the poor leadership.

Nalumango who is UPND Mongu central constituency Aspiring candidate for 2021 has told the people to vote wisely next year by ensuring that they vote for the UPND leadership because Bally will fix zesco.

In interview with BBN this morning in Imalyo Ward of Nalikwanda constituency where he is campaigning for the UPND Imalyo ward council candidate Mr. Simasiku. Mr Nalumango said The problem was not with zesco but the PF . “Next year you have the opportunity to change for better and good governance and economical growth in the country.” Mr. Nalumango said.

“We are all in this disastrous and mess because of you who where voting blindly. We are crying together, I urge youths to open their eyes and vote for the president Hakainde Hichilema because Bally will fix Zesco problems.” He added


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