Stop demeaning PF, Given Lubinda castigates US Ambassador Micheal Gonzales

By Theresa Kalenga

Patriotic Front (PF) Acting President Given Lubinda is saddened with remarks attributed to USA Ambassador Micheal Gonzales suggesting that the PF pays a courtesy call to him at his residence as the envoy cannot go to PF’s secretariat to dialogue with the former Justice Minister.

An aggrieved Mr. LUBINDA protested during Saturday’s PF’ central committee meeting thay he will not tolerate disrespect from any diplomatic envoy in Zambia to humiliate indigenous Zambians.

“We received an official invitation by the USA ambassador to pay a courtesy call on the PF party, but they later sent a letter to our party requesting for names and NRC numbers of our delegation and informed us that the meeting will be held at the Ambassadors residence and not at our party secretariat,” cried Lubinda.

Lubinda says he smelt a political rat as to the rushed change of venue and insistence on PF leadership submitting particulars of its officials for a courtesy call to be convened.

Mr.Lubinda is shocked that Ambassador Gonzalez’s request for a meeting at his residence and does not want to visit and dialogue from the PF’s Secretariat.

Lubinda says the humiliation by the USA envoy is uncalled for and Patriotic Front members will not accept to be demeaned by foreign envoys.


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