Stop fueling tribalism, Felix Mwenge tells tribalists


Stop fueling tribalism, Felix Mwenge tells tribalists

He writes:

Now that there’s some unity because of Chipolopolo win, let me address some tweeps here. Stop misleading the nation and being a source of anarchy. We got an education not just for jobs but so we can guide the nation and help others understand certain trends and patterns in the most critical moments of our nation.

If you went to a Zambian school up to about Grade 9, then you learnt some basic history. You should know that different Christian missionaries and denominations established faster or relatively easier in different parts of Zambia.

The Catholic church in the North and East, the SDA in Southern, Rusangu to be specific and the New Apostolic in Western province as key examples. Naturally therefore there will likely be more Bemba speaking/Easterners in the Catholic church, more Tongas in the SDA and more Lozis in the New Apostolic. For a person with more than basic education to use this and allege tribalism in the church is quite surprising.

This also means if a letter was written to anyone by any of these churches, the names of signatories is likely to reflect their composition. Stop fueling division. Be a unifier. We’re one people. World Cup Here We Come! Give us Spain please!!!!


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