Katele Kalumba


IF Hakainde Hichilema is not ready to go ‘punch for punch’ with President Edgar Lungu on August 12, let him get out of the ring than inciting Zambians to engage in violence with militias as depicted in his campaign video, veteran politician DR Katele Kalumba has advised.

And Evangelical Youth Alliance director Reverend Moses Lungu said Mr Hichilema’s intentions was to sabotage Zambia’s peace through inciting violence in his party’s campaign video with overtones of militia and genocide.

The two were reacting to Mr Hichilema’s campaign video depicting scenes of genocide and militias whom he claimed were PF militias were killing people.

And Rev Lungu said that Mr Hichilema has done everything possible to try and make this country ungovernable, but has lamentably failed.

He said that the opposition leader’s attempt to create anarchy within the systems of ECZ had proven futile.

“I want to advise HH not to take the throne by blood, because the same throne will swallow him. You don’t take power by blood, he must earn people’s confidence to vote for him, he must wiat for his time. HH should tell the Zambians the truth about the aliens that have come to this country, what is their mission for UPND. Who is really against the Zambian people, PF is already in government so why should they beat people. It’s him who wants to ascend to the throne using the means of blood,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said UPND president’s statement was dangerous and has potential to incite people to engage in violence.

“If he is failing to campaign pushing people to violence, then I am sorry he is not qualified to be a leader. There is no reason to fear, if you are going in the boxing ring, just be ready to fight, you don’t go with other partners in the boxing ring, you go there yourself, punch to punch with a ECL powered machine. If he is not capable of doing that, let him get out of the ring,” he said.

He said Zambians were ready to choose their leader, a pro poor party, a party campaigning on the basis of performance.

He said that despite the global recession, PF has still managed to make some visible changes never seen in many generations.

“Stop the inciting people like a crying wolf, there are no wolves out there, there only political players. Come out and do the politics under the rule set out by Electoral Commission of Zambia


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