I note with concern the emerging dangerous behavior of some of our ill-intended compatriots from Eastern Province to divide mother Zambia on tribal lines. Stop it. It is st¢p#d.

Only days after they established a tribal WhatsApp Group known as Umodzi Kumawa, they then circulated a useless article titled ‘HH now extending the UPND One Party System of Southern Province to the rest of Zambia’.

Now that their own, Edgar Chagwa LUNGU, is out of power, disoriented and without any hope of bouncing back to Office, some of these fellow citizens from the Eastern Province are prepared to go any mile including perpetrating tribalism to make Zambia divided and ultimately ungovernable. Their goal is to see President Hakainde Hichilema fall -but this will not happen.

For as long as it is not their own in State House, they do not care about Zambia’s peace, safety and wellbeing. Their patriotism is at zero -for as long as it is not their own in the Republican Presidency.

They today went to great lengths in order to frustrate President Hakainde Hichilema and annoy the innocent people of Southern Province. This is how genocide started in Rwanda. That is what they would want to see in Zambia -as it is not their own at the helm of state power and authority.

It is a fact that any leader enjoys most political support from the region they hail. This is true and examples are plenty including Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe, Yoweri Museveni in Uganda and even Donald Trump in the United States of America (USA). There is nothing strange about Hakainde Hichilema enjoying massive support from Southern Province, where he comes from. It is normal. It is for this reason that Umodzi Kumawa has been formed -to Support EC Lungu- but let this not be done in such a way that you provoke other citizens like contained in the aforementioned article. However, to label others tribal because they offer political support for their own -and form tribal groups to practice tribalism is unpatriotic, irresponsible and dangerous.

To the people of Southern Province, I say keep your cool always like you have done in the past. Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. You do nothing wrong by supporting your own; it is natural -even in 2026 vote for HH in great numbers; we the well-meaning Zambians too from other provinces will do the same -because HH is the right man for the Top Job and the fruits of his works are there for all to see except the bitter tribal souls that are blinded by hate and who do not mean well for this country.

If this tribal group of Easterners wants to support EC Lungu, let them do so in peace and quiet not maligning other tribes.

I implore all-well meaning Zambians, including those from Eastern Province, to watch these notorious characters. They must be tamed.

Additionally, it is not right for this bad-spirited Eastern group to seek to incite other citizens from Northern, Luapula and Muchinga into joining this tribal crusade or champion a narrative that they are with this group because it is alone. A great deal of us are not from Southern Province but we support President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND. Let it be made clear that President HH is not supported by Southern Province alone.

Overall, politics must be practiced within the confines of patriotism. Abash tribalism!

Further, I hereby appeal to Parliament to pass a Law against Tribalism -in the best interest of National Security. Make anyone perpetrating and perpetuating tribalism face the Law. As things stand -in the absence of such a Law, with these dangerous groups emerging openly and freely, the nation is at risk of tribal division that has potential to degenerate into anarchy.

As I close, allow me remind each and every citizen of this country that: Zambia is bigger than all of us. Let not our tribal and political differences put mother Zambia in jeopardy. Let us instead rise like the Eagle on our national flag above such differences and in the spirit of our national motto ‘One Zambia, One Nation’.

May God bless Zambia.

I submit.

Ntazana Musukuma Mutungwa


  1. Eastern province has no tribalism. People of all tribes have settled there with no problems. Even Northern province, they have settled.

    There is only one province that people complain about. That is why other tribes fail to settle in that province peacefully.


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