Stop this talk that blackmails the good people of Southern Province to think that other tribes hate them- Patrick Samwimbila Munali Advises HH


Patrick Samwimbila Munali aka Guy Wapa Eaze wrote


At least on a Sunday and the first Sunday of the year for that matter, I would like to share some honest and objective thoughts with President HH.

1. Sir, in this new year please reduce on self-praise and boasting; Its like you are insulated and you are out of touch with reality. Try for once to listen to the common people on ground and to your critics, you will realize that everything you boast about have no impact on the lives of our people.

2. Sir we are proud your farms and animals are doing very well, we have also just seen the State House and Presidential Affairs budget for this year standing at about 21.17 Million US Dollars which is really very fat. So Mr President I implore you to try hard to better things in the nation so that your citizens can also live a dignified life. Please find solutions to the choking high cost of living, work had to stabilize the exchange rate (Dollar @ 26 is too much). Zambia has never experienced such harsh conditions of living and of doing business before.

3. Sir, please stop sounding like Zambians have never worked hard, they are all lazy and have no capacity to think and choose how best to manage their lives. Lectures about buying tractors, keeping animals, or buying center pivots are not for everyone. Just create an enabling business environment and people will invest differently in their businesses of choice and size. Create meaningful empowerment programs for our youths who voted for you on the promises that their weekends will be lit.

4. Sir, please protect our democratic space from shrinking further; put a stop to the emerging dictatorial indicators your party and most critical institutions of governance are championing. Imagine the idea of denying opposition political parties the opportunity to hold public rallies, imagine the illegal disqualification of eligible candidates from contesting in by – elections, imagine mingalato of sponsoring divisions in opposition political parties, imagine the arbitrary arrests of members of opposition and anyone with opposing views. Please listen to voice of the church and civil society organizations. Stop silencing them by calling them names or aligning them to the former ruling party.

5. Sir, please lead by example to unite the nation. Stop this talk that blackmails the good people of Southern Province to think that other tribes hate them and that they were segregated against during the previous regimes. You like repeating these words every time and then; during your 4 hours close of the year presser and during your rally at Masuku grounds in Choma you kept emphasizing the same sentiments, please stop it you are now the President for all.

6. Please Sir, this year kindly reduce on your international travels because it is a huge drain on the already crawling economy. It’s better for you to seek homegrown solutions by calling an indaba of all local experts in different fields, opposition political parties, the church, civil society, the Chiefs and other interest groups regardless of their political affiliation in order to brainstorm and find lasting solutions to the many problems the country is faced with. I SUBMIT.

I pray you will have a chance to read these thoughts, but alas! because of the insulation I have refered to, your gatekeepers will not share it with you.


  1. He will not take any advice this tribalist conman.

    Fortunately, majority of Tonga people that live outside Southern province are not tribal at all. They think Hakainde is just a pathetic conman.

    KK must be turning in his grave. We should have listened to him.

    • Indigo Tryol you are stupid and amnestic in your reasoning. Tongas are too united to be divided by any idiot like you. You are too bitter for not being appointed in New Dawn government Mambala iwe. Even this PF loser Patrick Samwimbila is bitter for losing Munali parliamentary Seat election to Hon. Mposha. HH can’t take an advice from failed PF idiots like you two. I submit!

  2. HH is forced to protect the Tonga people because of comments passed against them
    I too find this very unfair. People of Zambia please let’s stop all these silly comments and passing judgement on others. We are one Zambia one nation

  3. This talk against the Tonga’s by only the people from Muchinga , luapula,eastern and northern province is so unfortunate …. I find it so annoying as to why only these provinces get so concerned because they are sure that only the Tonga’s can not be taken for granted. I hope parliament passes a law that will hinder such kind of foolishness as it is not healthy..l sometimes blame kk for forcing to merger zambia as one republic ~ this talk will never end especially when the four provinces are under the rule of a person from the other provinces ~ they will always regroup and try by all means to cause havoc. Let’s see what happens next…

  4. Samwimbila Munali is a typical graduate or soon to be graduate of the pf-Matero Cesspool University, the MCU. You can tell from the simalar phrases they use like, tribal(ism), shrinking democratic space, high cost of living, ignoring the people and also quoting the state house budget just like the other MCU graduate zumani.

    He even numbers his points like the other pfidiot set.

    All this writting like Dr fuledi wamatako to HH7 instead of talking to their own pfidiot party to resolve their issues internally with Miles Sampa, what rubbish is this???

  5. What advise can you give the president when you made a decision to jump into a sinking boat leaving your career and ministry at church?
    The Man endured for 20years and managed to unity and grow UPND leading it into government, what can fail him now when he has all the support of the instrument of power?

  6. The worst thing ever happened in zambia is people generalising any incident or comments into regions or tribal. It has never happened before in UNIP nor in MMD. What has gone wrong is the Leaders both from PF and UPND to make Zambian politics limited to into regions for their survival. I have no apologies for this, the national needs to heal and move on. Zambia is not limited between UPND and PF no. With the kind of talks and statements from PF (when in govt and opposition) and UPND (in opposition and now govt) is not inspiring. Zambia is far bigger than any province. Zambia is made up of 10 provinces all of them contributing to national in different ways. TRIBALISM/REGIONALISM HAS TAKEN A CENTRE STAGE & IS JUST TOO HIGH AND TOO OPEN between UPND and PF. STOP IT INDIVIDUAL ISSUES ARE NOT TRIBAL ISSUES.

    • Man of wisdom. I do feel however, that HH is making this issue bigger than ECL ever did. ECL was very careful with his public statements as concerns tribe. He once stated, one day a Tonga will lead Zambia, but not this one (referring to HH). HH, on the other hand, is playing victim and seemingly heaps whatever happened to him on tribal lines. Fred, Sean, even the now loud Nawakwi were all at some point arrested and had their freedoms curtailed. Have we seen any of them cry tribe?
      Lastly, most Tongas outside southern province are more liberal and disagree with HH when he tries to portray a picture that they were all suffering and being beaten.
      The villagers who hear the President say that Taongas were being beaten in Lusaka will in return beat some of us who may visit Southern province.


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