2023 curriculum frame work

1. Primary school will end at grade 6.

2. Learners will not automatically progress to secondary school after sitting examinations at grade 6.

3. Junior and senior secondary school merged into forms (1 to 4)

4. Introduction of Advanced Secondary level or A- levels ( form 5 and 6)

5. R.E 2044 and 2046 merged.

6. Social studies has been split into it’s constituent Subjects of Geography; History and Civics Education.

7. Science 5124 abolished. It’s now Physics or Chemistry or both.

8. Integrated science has been split into it’s constituent Subjects of Biology; Physics and Chemistry.

9. Schools to offer specialized O’level and A- level pathways depending on the guidelines to be provided.

summarized for the sake of someone who will feel lazy to read through the entire document.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6 Exams
Grade 7 = Form 1
Grade 8 = form 2
Grade 9 = form 3
Grade 10= form 4 {Final Exams}(O Levels)
Grade 11 = form 5
Grade 12 = form 6 (A Levels)

Compulsory Subjects from Grade 8 ( form 1) under the New Education Curriculum


  1. This new syllabus is rubbish to say the least. Landscape could have been merged with Gardening, leaving agriculture alone. For O’Levels, where is Business and Financial Studies I.e. no bookkeeping, Commerce, Business Studies, etc? These are essential courses for functional studies. Skills courses like bricklaying, Tailoring, etc should be for failures at O’Levels. It’s crazy to make them core subjects at O’Levels stage. Cry our beloved country!!

    • Fir sure even me I have liked this thing if CHANGING THINGS EVERYTIME.The best was to introduce A Levels the way they do at D.K Technical School. There’s no way my CHILD who is EXTREMELY intelligent and is at a STEM SCHOOL to be at the same level with failures….!!

      How are they going to grade the STEM schools like, Hillcrest, D.K,. Eastern Girls, Roma Girls etc …… I am hurt with ba Douglas Syakalima. YOU DON’T NEED TO ALWAYS CHANGE EVERYTHING…..!!

  2. This should have been piloted in just some few schools. You don’t come up with such drastic changes and immediately implement. It’s sad that no prominent person has so far reacted.

  3. The system of our education must be one which will stand the test,and the politicians must not be free to change the curriculum any time they feel like because sometimes there could be financial gains in the process by the regime of the day.So this should be enshrined and underlined in our Constitution.Even methodology of teaching must be approved by the stakeholders.How was the concept reached to say that when a child sees a picture it will be easier to learn how to write like ukupapa umwana ? To me that’s sour grapes.Ukupapa umwana munuma grade 1 kid knows already what it means even without a picture, picture therefore is unnecessary.There so many such examples we can cite when possible.So lets implement something that is really better than the current system.Ser, Education system in Kenya is considered better than ours (Zambia ‘s) for example,have authorities concerned taken time to make comparisons critically ?

  4. Few hours ago, the PS said the document is still a draft or proposal, after the stakeholders have looked at it, that’s when it will go to Cabinet for approval. So all those views being aired out are welcome so that the document is fine tuned before it’s implemented. Even me, I wouldn’t be comfortable if subjects like Commerce, Bookkeeping etc are left out. Then A levels also should be left for only those who make it to form 5 or University as opposed to everyone.

  5. Even if we accepted that this is a good move, who will teach plastering, metal fabrication and all these skills based learning areas without first scaling up teacher training in those areas? We seem to want to swallow before putting food in the mouth.

  6. It’s not different from the old curriculum! Too many useless subjects!
    A child should only take a maximum of 6 subjects, not the 12 being proposed! That’s a huge overload and trauma to the developing brain. This is the reason why our children are smart before they start school but are brain dead by the time they finish school, only able to survive through a job and not able to transform a raw Jungle into paradize!
    Remove Zambian Languages! They don’t serve any purpose as examinable subjects!
    Remove History from the curriculum or leave it at “Utushimi” level!
    Remove RE! It serves no purpose!
    Here is the mind building subjects:

    1. Law and Patriotism
    2. Agriculture and Manufacturing.
    3. Business and Financial literacy
    4. Geology and Mining
    5. Basic Construction and Artisan trades.
    6. Safety, Health, First Aid and Environment.

    These are practical courses that can transform citizens from perpetually unemployed job seekers to Self-sufficient entrepreneurs who can dominate industries!

    Teach English and mathematics at Primary level! In the latter years, these should be fused into professional courses!

    Teach our children how to recognize Copper, Gold and many minerals in the soil. Teach them further the process of setting up a mine!

    The new curriculum is not different from the old one! It only teaches our children how to speak very good English on empty stomachs and to be perpetual job seekers!
    There is work everywhere but everyone is looking for a Job!


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