By Bangwe Naviley

The preamble is that Fr. Augustine Mwewa, a Copperbelt-based Catholic Priest, urged Government not to perceive those with different views as enemies. He emphasizes that the New Dawn Government of President Hakainde Hichilema should embrace divergent views rather than dismissing them.

Fr. Mwewa’s perspective highlights the importance of considering ‘alternative’ viewpoints in governance and decision-making.

In a similar vein, Fr. Anthony Salangeta of Chawama Catholic Church criticized President Hichilema for using a graph to show growth trends in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 1973 to 2023.

Fr. Salangeta emphasized that people are more interested in issues directly affecting them, such as the availability of mealie meal, rather than abstract economic data.

It is essential to recognize that diverse perspectives contribute to a robust and well-informed society.

While disagreements may arise, engaging with alternative viewpoints fosters dialogue, critical thinking, and ultimately better decision-making.

Fr. Salangeta’s call for addressing the needs of those at the periphery of society reflects a commitment to inclusivity and social justice.

Political correctness involves respecting differing opinions, even when they challenge the status quo.

The UPND administration should consider these alternative views as valuable contributions to the national discourse.

Hakainde Hichilema (HH), the President of Zambia, has made a significant statement by asserting that criticism will not lead to arrests during his administration.

This commitment to free expression and open dialogue is crucial for a healthy democracy.

It allows citizens to voice their opinions, hold leaders accountable, and contribute to the nation’s progress.

In a political landscape, where dissenting voices can face repercussions, this assurance from President Hichilema is noteworthy.

It reflects a willingness to engage with differing viewpoints and uphold democratic values. As citizens, we should continue to exercise our right to express opinions, challenge policies, and actively participate in shaping our country’s future.

Let us hope that this commitment to openness and tolerance remains steadfast throughout President Hichilema’s tenure.


  1. Listen his to his preaching! The priest in playing politics and inciting the congregants to rise against the government..periods. He is purely preaching politics. In that church, there are both UPND and PF members. From the way he us talking, you can tell that he is a tantameni type with no reasoning behind his brain. He also sounds very bitter!

  2. Rwandan Catholic Priests fueled the flames in the Rwandan Genocide, so we must caution those in Zambia who have divisive political agendas!
    Priests should remember that they are sinners like everyone else and that the position of Priest does not put them above the Law!
    It is so unfortunate that it seems to be Priests from the Northwestern regions of the country who are turning out to be partisan political trouble makers!
    The Clergy should be the last people to divide the country!
    Zambians should learn Genocide lessons from Rwanda!
    Most killings happened in churches!
    You go to church to preach Christ, not politics!
    Respect those in Authority because they are equally servants of God and don’t bear the Sword in vain!
    Don’t destroy the peace of the country because some opposition politicians are oiling your hands!
    Zambians should shun churches that have political agendas! Those are dangerous groups to belong to!
    We need to re-introduce the Inter-party Dialogue Forum so that those with burning issues Can have opportunities to vent!
    Our Constitution only guarantees Freedom of Responsible Expression!
    Similarly, the same Constitution does not guarantee Freedom of unlawful speech or actions.
    Those in positions of authority, whether religious or secular, should exhibit exemplary conduct!


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