We wish to place on record that summoning of Father Chewe Mukosa by the Zambia Police is not the way to go and therefore totally uncalled for.

We are aware that the Church is the conscience of the nation. In a nation said to be Christian, his is not going to be the mode of engaging those with divergent views especially the church. We rather expect more dialogue and collaboration between the Church and the Executive and not fear tactics because they do not work at all.

Priests like all other clergy are called to speak for the underprivileged in society and even when the Executive does not like what is being said, wisdom demands that they listen and engage. Any believer in the gospel of social Justice will side with Father Chewe Mukosa.

Sadly it is this type of zeal that’s brought down many African governments and no one seems to learn. To the Police – from one regime to the next, there always seems to be a huge need to appease those holding office at any given time. Sadly that has never worked. Therefore this kind of excitement is uncalled for and extremely careless. Learn from the past including those who have gone before you and become wiser.

On this score, we wish to advise His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema not to allow such acts from law enforcement agencies. Zambia ought to be a thriving democracy, otherwise how many priests or members of the clergy is the Police going summon and how does that add to our democratic credentials?

It’s a no brainer that on this matter the court of public opinion will side with the Priest for he spoke on behalf of his congregation and committed no offence at all. If Government does not agree with the issues he raised, it can always clarify any perceived misinformation and Zambians will be willing to listen. We have real criminals the Zambian Police must be pursuing and not the clergy.

Sixty (60) years after Independence such items must not even grace the headlines of our print and electronic media outlets at all.

We cannot build a society allergic to criticism including checks and balances by the Church.


Hon Sunday Chanda
Member of Parliament

Sunday, 7th April 2024.


  1. Are Catholic Priests or any man or woman of the cloth above the Law that they cannot be summoned by the police for infringements on the Law?
    Does the Clergy have immunity also?
    If so, then we are not patriotically contributing to the Rule of Law!

    • If you’re that ignorant then why don’t you wait until the police speak to him instead of you defending your ignorance!
      What has the drought that is causing load shedding got to do with religion? Tell us the Bible chapter and verse talking about load sheading? For you Bemba tribalists, remember that it’s not HH that brought the drought just in case you have auctioned your minds and souls to Lucifer like Alick Banda. Macende!

  2. Forget about Sunday Chanda, he is PF cadre and we haven’t forgotten about his past positions on the UPND. He had only recently toned down because it was convenient to him.
    What kind of social justice is this idyot talking about to do with loadshedding? Why can’t he give us the chapter, verse, etc from the Bible?
    We are not fools, this a Bemba agenda of trying to make the country ungovernable to bring down the govt.
    Sunday knows the high cost of living is something to do with the huge debt that was brought by his own party, the PF.
    Effectively led by Alexander Chikwanda, they borrowed to much and stole all the money. In fact it was them Bembas that were stealing reducing Edgar Lungu to an onlooker. So which Social Justice is Sunday Chanda alluding to in terms of the cost of living? Bembas are the first to cry even in their own theft!
    Why didn’t that so called ka Fr. Mukosa cry foul when Alexander Chikwanda was overborrowing? Hiding behind the cloth when he’s a hard core tribalist. We can all do and we will all do that. It’s not only Bembas that can do that and we will show you how it is best done. Finyo!

  3. The priest errored…period. He starts political campaigns in church! Honestly, if the water level in Kariba is low , what options do you have as a government. So a normal priest is supposed to sensitive and educate instead of inciting!.HH and UPND are doing very well despite the fact that what we are experiencing today is historical in nature. Surely, HH didn’t cause the drought. He did everything possible to complete the lower Kafue gorge power station but it needs water! The high cost of living he is referring to is a global issue. Despite that so many people have been employed in the public service . The priest should be happy that Mopan has been re-opened and many people will have money to be able to buy basic needs. Cost of living doesn’t mean bringing down prices; since when did thus happen? In fact Copperbelt ‘s economy is dependant on Northwestern where most contractors on thd Copperbelt have contracts! The priest must thank the Kaondes and Lundas for being accomodative ; him, looking at his face, can’t! Genocide in Rwanda was cause by such sentiments. You can’t tell congregants to only believe in Jesus and not working. That’s the Tantameni policy of PF which most of these priests benefited from!

  4. Something interesting here, not really about the priest but the well informed police force, if summoning the priest was done professionally following laid down procedures why have they played cowardice and cancelled the callout before interrogation? Who has told them to change their mind, what new evidence or understanding have they stambled upon to make them change their mind?
    Is it that they were wrong in the first place and they didn’t know?
    Who remotely operates the police force and switches them on and off action?
    Come-on police boys if your ground is solid summon the priest so that you show to the nation that he transgressed.
    If you fail to, then I fear for this Nation.


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