Bushe Ni Dobo Ya Lenga Ku Doba Doba Tu Mazina?

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

As fate would have it, the word “Bally” has multiple meanings.
Apart from the elitist connotations of an overweight “mayadi” bourgeoisie “daddy”, it can also mean anything from a balaclava or bandana to a mug and even…. weed!

One wonders in what context the so called “Bally” and his followers have been labouring to use this word.

But going by a post on a certain someone’s Facebook page showing a screen shot of ZNBC footage of the Victoria Falls water gushing down in a thick curtain of water, we sincerely hope that he is not using “Bally” in this instance to infer “weed man” or a mug (shot) with a red balaclava wrapped around it.!

What else could possibly explain why this certain someone and his “followers” don’t care that there’s no relationship between the waters gushing over Victoria falls and those needed to fill Kariba Dam to generate sufficient power today and ensure we can continue to do so in case of another drought!

Is it weed? Is the particular medulla oblongata marooned in a mug? Is it bandana clad mid-life crisis? Or indeed all of the above?

You never know mazuba ‘ano!

And oh! by the way, so he now DOES think the national broadcaster is worth watching? Wonders will never cease!

The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director at the Party Secretariat.


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