Supreme Court to decide whether Trump may contest for presidency

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The highest court in the United States will decide if Donald Trump can run for president. This is an important and historic case.

The judges decided to hear Mr. Trump’s appeal because Colorado wouldn’t let him be on the 2024 ballot there.

The court will decide the case in February and the decision will affect the whole country.

Lawsuits in many states are trying to remove Mr. Trump from his position. They say he was part of a riot at the US Capitol three years ago.

The legal problems depend on whether a constitutional amendment from the Civil War time means Mr. Trump can’t run for president.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear Mr. Trump’s appeal after 27 state attorneys general asked them to reject Colorado’s decision.

They say that taking Mr. Trump off the ballot would cause a lot of problems.

“The submission says that it is causing confusion in the upcoming election. ”

Moreover, it disrupts the specific duties of the Congress, the States, and the courts.

The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution says that people who have rebelled against the government can’t hold federal office. However, the former president’s lawyers say this rule doesn’t apply to the president.

His lawyers say that if the Colorado Supreme Court decision is followed, it would unlawfully prevent many voters in Colorado from voting and could also be used as an example to prevent many more voters across the country from voting.

Mr Trump is fighting against a decision made by voting officials in Maine to take his name off the ballot.

After the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday, Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold confirmed that the state’s ballots for the next presidential primary elections have been approved and that Mr. Trump’s name will be on them.

The votes in each state will decide which people can run for president in the November election.

Colorado is scheduled for the start of March, shortly after the Supreme Court makes a decision on Mr.

Ms Griswold said that the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear the case, and because of this, Donald Trump will be listed as a candidate on the ballot.

Last month, the Colorado high court made a decision with 4 judges in favor and 3 against. It’s the first time in US history that the 14th Amendment has been used to reject a candidate from running for president.

This is the first time the Supreme Court will think about what the clause means.

Mr Trump is the top Republican candidate to compete against President Joe Biden, who is a Democrat, in the upcoming November election.

Courts in Minnesota and Michigan have rejected attempts to remove Mr. Trump from his position. Other cases in Oregon are waiting for a decision.

The US Supreme Court mainly has conservative judges, and three of them were chosen by Mr. Trump when he was president.

However, they mostly decided he lost his lawsuits against Mr. Biden in the 2020 election.

The court will hear the case quickly and will have a debate about it on 8 February.

Mr Trump’s lawyers have to submit their first written arguments by January 18th.

The people who want Mr. Trump to be disqualified have to give their reasons by January 31st.

The top US court getting involved reminds people of the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore, which also went to the Supreme Court.

The court with mostly conservative judges stopped the vote recount in Florida, which helped Mr. Bush win the election.

Professor Cart Tobias from the University of Richmond says that the “very fast” process was expected and needed because there are more and more cases being filed in different states across the country.

With the state primary elections coming up soon, election officials in many states need to get ready and plan for smooth voting processes on short notice.

Cases at the Supreme Court usually take between four and 12 months, which is much longer than the few weeks currently set for justices.

The court will probably make a decision before the Super Tuesday election in March, when Colorado and other states will choose who they want to run for president.

On the day of the riot at the US Capitol, people who support Mr. Trump went into Congress while the lawmakers were officially declaring Mr. Biden as the winner of the election.

On that day, the former president spoke at a gathering outside the White House. He said things that were not true about the election and told the crowd to “fight like hell”, but also to walk “peacefully” to the Capitol.

People who disagree with Mr. Trump say he shouldn’t be allowed to be president because of what he did during the riot and because he tried to change the election result in states that he lost.

Mr Trump is being tried in federal court and state court in Georgia for trying to change the 2020 election result. But he has not been charged with inciting a riot in either case.


  1. They will do Trump’s budding. He packed the Supreme Court with conservative judges for a time such as this.

    Trump is above the law in the eyes of die hard Republicans. He will be allowed on the ballot box inspite of leading an insurrection.


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