Surya Biofuels Zambia former Managing Director deported for alleged fraud


Surya Biofuels Zambia former Managing Director deported for alleged fraud.

The former MD and other unnamed persons are accused of stealing a certain company’s intellectual property relating to filling stations drawings and forged immigration documents

Surya Biofuel Zambia Limited management has confirmed the deportation of its former managing director, Mr Chetan Kumar Champalal Jain on 10 July 2023 following an order from the department of immigration due to violating section 35 and 36 of the immigration and deportation Act no. 18 of 2010.

Surya Biofuels Zambia Director Administration, Mr Sanjay Kumar Sharma confirmed this development in an interview following online reports. Mr Sharma further said: “We employed Mr Chetan Kumar Champalal Jain based on merit and to help expand our business operation based on his expertise and track record.”

Before joining Surya Biofuels Zambia Limited, Mr Chetan Kumar Champalal Jain worked for Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia as chief executive officer for its Liquid, Petroleum and Gas (LPG) division until he was fired in 2021.

Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia managing director, Mr Dharmesh Patel also confirmed that Mr Champalal Jain was employed by the company and subsequently fired for gross misconduct and according to their company’s employment policy, a former employee is prohibited to join a competitor Oil Marketing Company (OMC) within two years of ceasing employment.

“The only relationship Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia has with the accused is that they are former employees. Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia, part of a group that has presence in Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Congo is probably the only OMC in the country whose over 90 percent of its profits are reinvested back in Zambia to expand its operations resulting in creation of thousands of jobs for Zambians and contributing significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product,” added Mr Patel.

Mr Patel further said, the other former employees of Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia have since joined Surya Biofuels Zambia Limited and one ex-employee has since established Karan Petroleum Zambia in 2020.

Meanwhile, media reports allegedly claim that the proprietor of Karan Petroleum Zambia, Mr Himanshu Shah uses his organisation to evade tax and declare losses in Zambia while he externalises profits from Zambia to their Dubai based parent company – Raj Ratna International FZ LLC.

In addition, it’s also revealed that he continues to retain expatriates in positions where Zambians already have the requisite skills.

There are further allegations that Mr Himanshu Shah also bribes his way within the Zambian Energy regulatory system in order for him to conduct his business in Zambia.

However, Karan Petroleum Zambia managing director, Mr Himanshu Shah during an interview described the allegations as ill intended and meant to smear his organisation by competitors.

He went on to narrate his longstanding track record in the OMC sector and that he operates his company on high integrate and follows the rule of law in Zambia.


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