Antonio Mwanza

Suspended PF MPs are heros, not villains – Antonio Mwanza

March 24, 2022

By Daily Star Reporter

PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza says PF members of Parliament who are on suspension deserve to be celebrated.

Mwanza claimed that the said MPs are heros and not villains.

Mwanza said the suspended MPs were suspended because they refused to be part of the illegality by refusing to debate a motion which was not properly before Parliament.

He stressed that the same individuals are women and women who went to Parliament to defend the constitution.

Mwanza said this when he featured on Hot FM’s “Hot Seat” today.

“These are heros. These are men and women who went to Parliament to defend the Constitution. And we should all be proud of these men and women for defending the constitution,” he said.

“We should actually be all rising up in arms against the UPND regime which wanted to abrogate the constitution in Parliament. Can you imagine? The house of laws, they wanted to abrogate the constitution in the house of laws. If they can break the constitution in Parliament, where else won’t they break the constitution?”

He however said the circumstances under which the over 40 UPND MPs suffered the same under the PF regime were different.

Mwanza said the UPND MPs when in opposition had a habit of walking out on important debate as a way of advancing their political desire.


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