Suspension Period for Hon. Munir Zulu for 30 days is Illegal

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

The suspension of Lumezi Constituency MP, Hon. Munir Zulu for 30 days is clearly illegal and is against the provision of Parliamentary Standing Orders.

I am not discussing the merit of the allegations against Mr. Zulu but the punishment meted on him.

The Speaker derives his/her powers from the Standing Orders. The Standing Orders are also drawn from the Constitution under Articles 77 and 78 which states that the National Assembly shall regulate its own procedures and make Standing Orders for the conduct of business.

This particular suspension has breached the Standing Orders.



If a member is named under Standing Order 208,the suspension period shall be as follows;

A). On the first occasion, for seven sitting days excluding the day of suspension.

b). On the second occasion in the same or subsequent Session, for fourteen sitting days excluding the day of sus0ension; and

C). On the third or a subsequent occasion in the same Parliament, for thirty sitting days excluding the day of suspension.

I recognise that this is the second suspension that Hon. Munir Zulu is saving. Even in the first instance, Zulu was given 30 days instead of seven days.

According to the Standing Orders, Hon. Zulu must be given 7 days or 14 days at most. However, Hon. Zulu has been given the maximum 30 days of suspension.

Further, the actual decision to suspend Hon. Zulu may also be subject to contest as the Speaker was not taken to the Privilidges Committee and was not heard, the suspension was arbitrary and is outside what is provided for in the law.

Hon. Zulu must contest this illegal suspension period.

And on Unparliamentary Language as provided in Article 66, the Speaker may have used more Unparliamentary Language on “fondling” than Zulu’s “shaving”.


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