Suwilanji Siame says goodbye to ZNBC!

Suwilanji Siame
Suwilanji Siame

Suwilanji says goodbye to ZNBC!

After 13 years of service at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, Suwilanji Siame, the host of Growth Podcast has left his followers in awe after bidding a fare to the national television in a post he shared today on his Facebook page.

Suwilanji, who joined national television straight out of high school with no television experience and only an idea for a television show, gained experience through a show he co-founded called “Debate Time,” which became a household name in daytime television.

He stated that Debate Time provided him with the opportunity to travel the country, allowing young people from the most remote parts of Zambia to have their voices heard, and that he appreciated the fact that it was the only Zambian TV program that aired in six Southern African countries and created content for a Zambian audience.

“I am grateful for the role the corporation has played in my life up to this moment. Now I have to turn the page to a new chapter of my life and leave my days as a ZNBC employee behind. It’s been a difficult decision that has been coming. The price of growth is always disruption to comfort.” Part of his post reads.

When you are good, you are good, as he was known during debate time, Suwilanji, also this year graduated as best graduating student from the University of Lusaka with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing of Business Economics and Management, said that last week Wednesday was his last working day at ZNBC, a day of goodbyes and best wishes to the people he has built relationships with beyond the call of duty. He will miss them deeply.

During his time at ZNBC, he claimed to have interacted with numerous prominent people, including CEOs, Heads of Government Departments and Parastatals, movers and shakers, cabinet ministers, and Plot 1 occupants.

“This is not entirely goodbye as I will continue with Business Review, working closely with Standard Chartered and friends at Mass Media to deliver relevant conversations around business and the economy. My departure is not an end but a diversion. I am not sure of a lot things, but I know one thing for sure, Wonderful things are coming”

By Walusungu Silweya


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