A 29-year-old man has murdered his mother after he set his eyes on a Will which had given him large possession of the estate.

In this matter, Sydney Mulumba reported to police that his mother had committee suicide.

The deceased has been identified as Leaner Siachobe Mudenda 59, a lecturer at Mulungushi University of house No.20 Mpulungu Street, Highridge area in Kabwe.

The murder happened between 5th and 6th May 2021 at around 06:00 hours.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Chola Katanga said after receiving the report, police visited the home in the company of Sydney, the accused.

“Innocent Katuya 58 of Plot No. 215 Great North Road, Mulungushi University Main Campus in Kapiri-Mposhi, reported that Siachobe Mudenda 59, a lecturer at Mulungushi University of House No.20 Mpulungu Street, Highridge compound in Kabwe had between May 5 and May 6, 2021 at unknown time committed suicide by taking a pesticide known as doom and that they body was discovered by her second born son Sydney Mulumba Cholwe 29, of the above stated abode on 6 May 2021 around 06:00 hours. Police Officers rushed to the scene where they found the body lying on a mattress well covered with a Duvet,” Mr Katanga stated.

They inspected the body but it had signs of struggling and bruises around the neck. The legs were stiffened suggesting that she died of strangulation.

The left hand had a cap for the doom bottle and the bed was wet and the space found wet was too much to tally with the amount of liquid poured from the doom bottle.

There was also a printed note found on the bed purported to have been authored by the deceased citing that, she committed suicide and wished her children well but the grammar could not match with a lecturer status and besides, the upper part of the A4 where the information was, was cut off.”

Credit: Zambia Reports


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