Taking after dad – 34-year-old Choma man has 68 children

WITH his father gone, there is no doubt that Tatinai Simutwe will definitely carry on the important Biblical command of filling up the earth as at the tender age of 34, he has already fathered 68 children.

Although 68 children is nothing compared to the 500 left behind by his 64-year-old father Bishop Simutwe of Zion Church of Choma who demonstrated unrivaled commitment procreation, Tatinai is well on his way to “fathering a nation”.

According to the Zambia Daily Mail, the “industrious” orphan has two wives but that has not stopped him from looking elsewhere for more women bare him children.215840576_1066525107218375_1773516926573281403_n

Tatinai, who was immediately appointed the administrator of his father’s estate, said he did not know how he would look after some of his siblings and called for help from well-wishers.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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