…..says it could be that Mr Hichilema doesn’t even want to partake in worship activities hence his stance on violence

Luangwa…..Thursday, June 24, 2021

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential Deputy Campaign Manager for Lusaka Province Mrs Mumbi Phiri has slammed UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema for lying that he has no powers to stop his unruly supporters from perpetrating political violence ahead of this year’s General Election.

Unlike His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has repeatedly told PF supporters to refrain from violence, Mr Hichilema has on several occasions encouraged his cadres to perpetrate the vice.

Speaking during a meeting with party structures in Luangwa yesterday, Mrs Phiri narrated that the late President Michael Sata managed to stop his supporters from conducting violent activities in 2008 whilst in opposition.

“What HH is saying that he can’t do anything about political violence because he is in the opposition it’s not true because ba Sata proved that it’s possible. In 2008, the PF thought we won elections. When they said that Rupiah Banda won there was confusion on the Copperbelt and in Lusaka,” she said.

“Ba Sata was in the opposition, he went to ZNBC and gave a directive to the supporters that no life should be lost because he did not want to rule a country that is divided due to political violence when he becomes president. We listened to him whilst he was in the opposition. HH tells his people to defend themselves. If you love people, you should be able to tell them to refrain from violence the way President Edgar Lungu does. He tells his supporters that this is a Christian Nation.”

Mrs Phiri further said “it could be that Mr Hichilema doesn’t even want to partake in worship activities” hence his stance on violence.

“When we are holding national prayers in October he refuses to take part, maybe that is why they perpetrate violence. The youth Chairperson they (UPND cadres) beat up and damaged his vehicle, I have told all the youths that if we are being provoked let us just run away,” he said.

And Mrs Phiri said the UPND are violent because they know that they have already lost elections.


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