Tanzania Confirms Death Of Student Missing Since Hamas Attack


Tanzania’s foreign ministry has confirmed the death of one of two citizens who have been missing since Hamas’s October 7 attacks across southern Israel.

The Israeli government had named two students from Tanzania — 22-year-old Clemence Felix Mtenga and 21-year-old Joshua Loitu Mollel — among those missing since the militant attack six weeks ago.

“It’s with great sadness we confirm the death of Clemence Felix Mtenga,” a Tanzania foreign ministry statement said late Friday.

Hamas militants surged over the militarised Gaza border on October 7 and killed some 1,200 people — mostly civilians — according to Israel, and seized around 240 hostages.

Some of those who had been feared captive in Gaza have since been declared dead in forensic examinations.

The Tanzanian ministry did not say how Mtenga had been killed.

But head of Israel’s international development agency Eynat Shlein said on X, formerly Twitter, that he had been participating in an agricultural internship and “was murdered by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7”.

Many of the places worst affected by the Hamas attacks were Israeli agricultural communes lining the region bordering Gaza.

Tanzania’s foreign ministry said Mollel was “still missing as we continue to follow his whereabouts”.

Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas with a ground, air and sea campaign in Gaza which the Hamas government says has killed 12,000 people, including 5,000 children.


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