By Simon Mwewa Lane

Anyone that has taken Tayali to court knows exactly how he operates.

He creates an aura of invincibility on Facebook but when the lights are turned off and he is laying in that cold bed all alone, he cries himself to sleep because he’s scared. He’s terrified.

Don’t be fooled by his tight blue suit and his counterfeit smile. The guy knows that when court proceedings begin…he will walk alone. The Judiciary is not a branch to be toyed with…it doesn’t belong to his Mother’s distant cousins.

Tayali will go to court and he will stand in the solitude of himself.

There won’t be a brass band there to accompany him. There won’t be any members from his one-man party EPP [ Everyone Pretends Party ] to escort him.

Even if Tsega was here, she wouldn’t dare throw herself in his nonsense… lest she be mocked by the Mob.

He went to ACC but nothing happened there, I know this because he would have gladly divulged every detail of his visit. [ Nali keshiba ] He was probably cautioned and warned not to drag the ACC into his foolishness.

He went there driving a borrowed corrolla type car. The Hilux has been returned to Big Wheel Car Hire so he can no longer use it to pretend to be rich.

Lawyer up Leprechaun [ The truth is he can’t afford a lawyer ] …you’re not in Kansas anymore. Your enemy and his band of Cattle Herders are going to teach you how to sing “Mama Miya”





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