26th January, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema has reassured unselected applicants in the recently conducted recruitment of teachers that the recruitment is ongoing.

President Hichilema says the UPND New Dawn Government will recruit more Teachers this year hence the need for unselected applicants not to lose hope.

In a message posted on his official Facebook page and monitored by FALCON NEWS, President Hichilema assured unemployed Teachers of more job opportunities in 2024.

The continuous Teacher recruitment is a fulfilment of one of the major pronouncements to transform the country that President Hichilema made soon after assuming office.

Instead of the 4,500 Teachers budgeted for in 2023, government recruited an additional 2,721 bringing the number to 7,221 Teachers.

The 2,721 positions were created by government by mapping up all retirees, those who resigned, went on secondment and unpaid leave or dismissed from service to create replacement positions.



  1. And then he complains about government wage bill. Economics 101.

    This is the same path ECL took with his infrastructure development. Not sustainable at all.

    • What you dont realise is that he and his government undertook a sustainablity evaulation on this. If you even cared to read the article. He clearly states that of the 7721 positions 2,721 are replacments. So in actual sense only 3500 jobs have been created.
      Now tell me, if CDF is being increased. Are you telling me of the Unfinished schools that PF failed to complete because chaps were helping themselves to public resources. 3,500 positions are not in those new structures?
      There people what are being retired. Are all public service jobs being replaced? Remember Smart Zambia is automating alot of jobs that were being done manual and we dont need cashiers in the Public service?
      In the long run, this should work out Indigo. These teachers will spend their money in these areas where they will work.
      When you spend or invest in these areas where you work. Employment is provided directly or indirectly. More so in the informal sector first before there is the sustainable pull of the formal sector. Demand driven sustainability.
      The lag is the other variable that come up in an economy. So try and be optimistic. HH may not get everything right, at least he trying to deal with the issues. Where he doesnt get it right and begins to sway. Lets remind him. The fact that we couldnt remind Kaunda is where Kaunda and those around him began to think their ideas were not questionable. HH is not beyond reproach. And he and those around him need to be reminded. That is part of democracy. But not insults. Objective and rational reminding who put him in office.
      If ECL had half the outlook, he would have still been President. Now look at the perception that Muri and his bond mate have? Muri already thinks he is untouchable. He has not idea what his role is in Parliament is. What projects has he initiated in his constituency? Is that what those people deserve? Those are people who are expecting him to lift their livelihoods. And instead what is he doing? Making noise on issues that have no bearing on the suffering of those he promised to serve.
      Before you unleash your usual diatribe. I ask that you take a moment and reflect


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