Teachers Debate on GCE Results/Certificate.

What is the difference between GCSE and GCE?

The GCE Ordinary Level (known as the O-Level) was abolished in 1987 and replaced by the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The change was made to create a national qualification for those who wanted to leave school at 16 without attempting A-levels or pursuing a university education.

Therefore Qualificates obtained during Full time and those through Rewritting are Equal and not different at all.

What is Important is meet the Critria of Emploment/ College or University Eg 5 O Levels or Better, Credits or Better.

Meaning A Person/ Persons with ‘6 Mathemaths, 6 SCIENCE ,6 English, 6 History, 6 GEOGRAPHY & Any Pass from any other Subjest has met the Stardard of G12 Qualifications and would meet the Standard to study at Most Colleges and Universites without any Challenge depending on the Courses offered.

And Such a person/Persons would still stand a better chance to secure a Job.
(GCE) Means – General Certificate of Education

Senior Grade Codes
1 Distinction 80% -%100
2 Distinction 75% -%79
3 Merit 70%-74%
4 Merit 65%-69%
5 Credit 60%-64%
6 Credit 55%-59%
7 Pass 50%-54%
8 Pass 40%-49%
9 Fail 0-39%

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