By Stembridge Sikalundu

We have seen ESTER LUNGU cry during the gassing terror act in this country , when ECL had the instruments of power to prevent terrorist attacks in the country , it is astonishing to see that close aides to ECL are charged over the same case when about 57 people lost their lives in this country . The address by TASILA LUNGU complaining that the past one year the former first family has not seen it easy regarding the many issues of possession of wealth suspected to be proceeds of crimes against the state . TASILA says they should be let to defend themselves from the courts . We are very much aware that there is an act which requires one to hand over properties to the state without going through the courts , if govt is being mocked in public to suggest it is persecuting the LUNGU family , it means without wilfull handing over of these properties they are suggesting of having the capacity to defend themselves in the courts of law . We know what money can do if given a chance .

It is important to remind any member of the first family to introspect , no one other than fellow PF members that are going to be sympathisers with the ECL family , and zambians are not going to hate president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and the UPND govt because of siezing properties from the former first family being one of the reasons PF was voted out ,it is the duty of every govt to do so unfortunately in the past people were forgiven on account of being accomplices , zambians stopped a long time sympathising with the ECL family after regretting giving them power to govern this country , zambians can’t be beaten twice when they gave the leadership to ECL on sympathy terms , where was TASILA to advise the father when PF thugs were killing zambians ? , TASILA should have cried together with the children of LAWRENCE BANDA , NSAMA , KASONGO that were left helpless after their deaths , many zambians who wanted the father out of power were displaced , properties damaged , companies closed , many died because of depression . TASILA was very much present to see how PF carders displayed huge sums of money which was paid to them to consolidate power , money supposed to improve the welfare of many disadvantaged zambians today .

Is TASILA not surprised to see that people who were close to the father charged for possession of wealth suspected to have been obtained using proceeds of crimes during the reign of the father ? , why was ESTER LUNGU crying in public during gassing when the husband offered a bounty and yet close people to ECL knew something ? , if TASILA is saying the former first family is innocent , the simple question is where did the money which built all these properties in question come from ?, being the former first family the constituition is still applicable to account for the wealth in question , it is not president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA who asked the EIA to issue an investigative report on MUKULA smuggling from zambia , it is the law that is in effect which represents the country and all zambians . Public sympathy through tear drops is not going to be the way to cause attention that something is bothering because the state is siezing properties . Humbleness is not by opening the mouth to cry . Let the former first family seek councelling and forgiveness from God. We told them all nothing lasts forever because there is time to smile and time to cry . God bless mother Zambia .



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