Tell Hichilema that… THE PEOPLE WILL WIN…In the end, they always do – Sishuwa Sishuwa

Dr SISHUWA Sishuwa

Tell Hichilema that…
THE PEOPLE WILL WIN…In the end, they always do – Sishuwa

By Thomas Ngala

EVEN if President Hakainde Hichilema tries to, he cannot stop the people’s will, historian Sishuwa Sishuwa has warned.

In an interview, Dr Sishuwa condemned the government for banning public rallies organised by opposition parties.

“I condemn in strongest possible terms the continued abuse of the public order Act by the police. Just like we condemned Edgar Lungu when the police used the same law to suppress the activities of the then main opposition UPND, it is only fair that we condemn President Hichilema for this abuse. But please tell him that no matter how powerful he may feel today, and regardless of the schemes or manoeuvres he may hatch or resort to, Hichilema can never defeat the people. The people will win, in the end. They always do. History has proved it.”

Dr Sishuwa said the greatest opposition that President Hichilema and the UPND face is a politically alert and informed citizenry.

“The biggest opposition that Hichilema faces is the people, particularly if he fails to lower the cost of living and tackle the huge unemployment outside the health and education sectors. They can stop opposition rallies like Edgar Lungu and the PF tried to do but if Zambians would have decided in a year or two that Hichilema must go at the next election, there is nothing that he can do to stop them,” said Dr Sishuwa.

“Even if Hichilema tries to, he cannot stop the people’s will. Even if he succeeds in killing the PF and in his manoeuvres to block his main political opponents from running in 2026, another platform and another candidate to serve as the outlet of opposition will be found. The voters will support any visionary patriot they see as better placed to be used as the vehicle for removing Hichilema just like they chose him as the vehicle for removing Lungu. Please tell him”

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  1. Dreaming is free , you can continue dreaming, we the people of Zambia we shall give him another term kkkkkkkk while you will be in a dip sleep dreaming kkkkkkkk.

  2. Mr Shuwashuwa. Is it tulu that you’re Mmembe’s side chick? So how do you do it? So when are you getting married to Mmembe? We hear you’re now 6 months pregnant nazakumbuyo, vaupuba!
    Mutinta Mazoka is leaving so you can just get married to Fuledi Manyengo Mmembe. She’s fed up sharing with you.

  3. Do you think HH imposed himself on people? Was he not elected by the same people? All what you are trying to do now is to incite voters not to vote for HH, but I know that you will be disappointed because come 2026, we the Zambian people are going to give him another term. We are well informed citizens who don’t depend on your cheap propaganda, we know and see what our hard working president is doing.

  4. Shuwa shuwa is just reminding and advising you about the power of the people. Just relate to what was happening during Lungu and the amount of blackmailing, name calling and cyberattacks on anyone who says anything that was making those enjoying the national cake with access to corridors of power or power to be.
    Lusaka times was a no go website for non PF.
    Those who were hearing ,saying and forewarning PF to change were the enemies of the state, PF and the PF cadres in police uniforms. Personally my contributions are there on websites and I for once warned people on Lusakatimes like Kaiser , that when you see people are quiet and not expressing themselves because they are fearful of the brutality, anarchy, violence, further oppression, marginalisation, demeaning and voiceless, they are like a dormant volcano, where people with access to the volcano will play and throw stones but just because the volcano is not active, the magma is boiling underneath. UPND learn to what people are saying, it’s not only Shuwa Shuwa , me may sound like a thorn in your fresh but he is like your prophet who is not wanted and is cancerous. Find time to listen and reflect on his actions/ warnings. Today PF if they had listened to people like Shuwa Shuwa, Archbishop Mpundu and the Catholic Church warnings today , they may be ruling but fought the church and used cyber bullying, attacks, some of you you recall Nkundu Luo insulting Archbishop Mpundu for speak the truth warning against mistreating HH and the opposition parties. Today those voices of reason are getting louder and louder. Please my brothers in UPND search your souls it’s not too late to turn the clock back and do the right things. Keyboards they do not vote. It’s a common man and woman on the street or villagers. I will. ‘Ukwali insoke takwa fwile abantu’ nabali namatwi yakumfwa kuti baumfwa’ signing off


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