A Chaotic brawl almost broke out at Former president Edgar Lungu’s ibex hil residence were two senior Patriotic Front members got into a heated argument concerning Brian HAPUNDA ‘s revelation that they’re camps fighting fully paid PF presidential candidates to be dropped and hand pick Edgar Lungu.

Security quickly separated the two senior Patriotic Front (PF) Members from assaulting each other at Former President Edgar Lungu’s residence in ibex Tuesday evening, Acting Patriotic Front president Given Lubinda lost his temper and lashed at information and publicity committee Chairperson Raphael Nakachinda accusing him of leaking confidential information concerning the party Convention which has been postponed again from October 2023, to unknown date.

The scene, which saw Former water and sanitation minister grabbing a fruit basket aiming at Former Justice Minister Given Lubinda left Former President Lungu to take a walk of shame” from the lounge leaving the two leaders separated by security elbows and boots.

The meeting which was called by Given Lubinda and attended by Raphael Nakachinda and others , did not call to order as the two got straight into a screaming match,

Nakachinda who could not keep his voice down lost his temper and started talking over Given Lubinda who he accused of not taking firm action against erring Party members who are creating camps and challenging the come back of Former president ECL.

The drunken Nakachinda lost control of his deaminor and the meeting quickly turned into a fracas.

“Citizens want our president “ECL” , back ,but currently we cant manage our affairs internally; we have a acting president who is not keeping members in check, squables are now in the public” He yelled. “Almost everyone in PF has court cases but how many is the secretariat paying for legal representation” Asked Nakachinda.

Nakachinda continued yelling on top of his voice lecturing Given Lubinda who also lost his temper and reached for a glass of whisky, lunging and missing the PF publicity Chairperson by an inch.

Given Lubinda who was restrained by a security guard asked Nakachinda why he was accusing him of having favourites on legal fees representation when his not in the legal department ,and that the PF secretariat is assisting and paying for legal fees of his Girlfriend Saboi imboela.

“You’re claiming that we’re selective in paying legal fees and returner fees for Patriotic front members but the secretariat is paying all legal fees for your girlfriend Saboi of NDC” ultered Lubinda in heated chaos while been restrained by security.

In a disgraceful fashion Former president Edgar Lungu walked out on the chaotic meeting that did not cover the agenda and warned the two not to call for meetings at his residence when drunk.

“I cannot accept this kind of behaviour in my house like this Mr. Lubinda” said Lungu,

“Let the convention come and allow delegates of the party to vote, the people choose me before, dont waste time fighting each other”,He said.

After the truce of his former ministers the former state man walked out head bowing down.

Initially anointed as the” God father” of PF in 2021, were he contested and lost the General elections by over 1million votes, Lungu did not appoint a party successor, as the Patriotic front constitution requires fresh elections to vote in new office executives.

But the preparation has been plugned into chaos postponing the general conference twice this year, in March 2023 and to October 2023.

Among the aspiring fully paid presidential candidates, is GBM, Chishimba Kambwili, Miles Sampa, Brian Mundubile, Greyford Monde,Mutotwe Kafwaya, Dr.Chitalu Chilufya among others, the PF convention remains without a definite date.

While Camps are fiercely fighting to have their preferred candidate on the 2026 ECZ presidential ballot paper.- Zambia Eagle


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