Texas woman with world’s longest legs reveals dating struggles


A Texas woman who has the world’s longest legs says there are serious setbacks to being super tall.

Maci Currin, 21, stands at 6 feet,10 inches, with both of her legs measuring more than 52 inches in length.

The world record holder says she’s subjected to cruel comments from strangers, while also struggling with dating and finding fitted pants for her legs.

“If someone is going to hate, they hate because they don’t understand,” Currin claimed in an interview with Jam Press. “[I’m] called horror movie characters, like Slenderman.”

Woman with world

The super-tall Texan shares videos on TikTok, where trolls often leave rude remarks about her appearance.

“That would be scary to see in a dark hallway,” one person wrote on a recent video of the content creator.

However, it’s not just strangers that treat Currin cruelly.

She told Jam Press that she always towers over her dates, leaving some of them feeling inadequate and “embarrassed.”

“All the times I’ve dated, especially with men that are shorter than me by a significant amount, has just felt off,” she stated. “Like they were almost embarrassed of me.”

Woman with world

In one TikTok clip, Currin claimed that men are reluctant to kiss her in public because of the height difference.

Finding clothes that fit is also an issue.

“I shop at American Tall mostly, although they don’t have any long pants that fit me,” she explained.

“I have to get them custom-made, which costs around $250 for one pair of jeans. I’m not made of money [so] I only have two pairs of jeans that fit me right.”

Currin says she hasn’t drawn the short end of the stick with her long legs, and loves being her height in spite of the setbacks.

“I hated my height [as a child] because it was the one thing kids could target me for,” she stated. “But the best perk would have to be that no one is like me. I am unique.”

Currin is now on a mission to encourage other similarly tall women to love themselves.

“As a 6 foot, 10inch female, my job is to empower other tall women,” she said.


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