Thank you for visiting Dr Guy Scott Mr President- Miles Sampa,


My best pic and event of today. Thank you for visiting Dr Guy Scott Mr President.

He may not be a member of PF currently but we in PF will always hold Dr Guy Scott in high esteem, true love and appreciation. Without him as a close friend to Michael Sata (MHSRIEP) while PF was in Oppostion, Sata and PF would have never formed government in 2011. For PF 10 years in opposition, Dr Scott gave Sata the then much needed moral and emotional support.

Dr Scott was PF Secretary General (SG) while PF was in opposition and then later party Vice President. He would then became the Republican Vice President when PF formed government in 2011 and then acting President Republican President in 2014 when Sata died. The rest is history.

” Sikoti leta ubwembya tume ishilu…”
(PF Opposition pre 2011 Campaign song)

Miles B. Sampa, MP
Patriotic Front (PF) President
January 31st, 2024


  1. Political turn-coat Sampa should just jump on the bandwagon of praise-singers. There is nothing sensible coming from him. Do we not all visit each other when unwell? Is it afterall not HH as opposition leader who racially abused the humanity of Guy Scot by calling him Nkumba (pig) and Muzungu wo pusa (a silly white guy)?

  2. As a senior citizen in this country, I wonder how some people think. In expected honour like this cannot be appreciated by the citizenry. What then, would you like to see, ba Dr. Mulenga Kaoma? Dr. In what?


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