That Cholera Ward gives a window to the depth of the current national crisis- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


That Cholera Ward gives a window to the depth of the current national crisis

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

When you look at this distressing makeshift ward at the national treatment Centre at Heroes Stadium, it gives you a window to the extent of the national crisis we are facing.

The ward has makeshift beds, improvised drip stands, buckets, with health workers with inadequate PPEs, then you remember that;

● Cholera outbreak began in October 2023.

● Without due court assesment process, out-of court settlements awarded; Minister of Transport, Frank Tayali, K450,000.00, five UPND members were compensated K32million ( K6.4million each), 10 UPND cadres were compensated K1million each, Mrs. Veronica Mukuni, Fines Malambo, Ackson Sejani, Vincent Lilanda and Javen Simooloka were awarded K500,000 each, and many more like William Banda have been awarded.

● Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) worth K94million ( $4.7million) were disposed off and incinerated last month.

● Nearly every Minister and the President were on long extended holidays at the height of the various pandemics.

Zambia has recently recorded cholera, anthrax, dysentery, typhoid and Syphilis outbreaks.

Such a scenario requires a serious approach by our leaders to stamp out the outbreaks.

Instead, there has been wasteful expenditure, neglect, dereliction of duty, incompetence and lack of empathy by the entire team led by President Hakainde Hichilema.

But balefwaya ukusensela ilyo bwaila!


  1. I don’t listen to Emanuel Mwamba….. His mind is something else.

    He ONLY anticipates DOOM TO HAPPEN to this republic….!!

  2. Chikubabe! HH till 2030. Kikikikikikiki. Is it possible that the term of office is changed to allow him continue to rue beyond 2030?kikikikikiki. Ba Mwamba return the money your party stored with relatives, concubines, loyalists etc. Then this caring govt will have resources. What was govt thinking persecuting people unnecessarily? Their rights were infringed upon and you are grieving that they have been compensated?


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