Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba


By Proud Aushi Mumba Musamba

An election is a platform that citizens are given the legal right to choose leaders of their choice. The election in 2021 is about the soul of the Nation called Zambia. The Zambian people hold the trump card in their own hands and only them can be the change they want to see or maintain the corrupt, vision less, nepotistic, tribalism promoters and common criminals called PF.

It is not the opposition parties that need to up their game, its you the unemployed youth, the abused civil servants, the farmer, you the common man/woman whose Democratic rights have been trampled upon and you the upcoming small businessman/woman who has been disadvantaged by foreigners. It’s about you Zambians who have experienced untold poverty where the staple food is no longer a sure thing etc.Its you the Zambians who need to up your game.

The opposition parties like UPND are just a vessel to use to see the change you want.
The sheer fact that the UPND or NDC are in politics means they have upped their game. Under this brutal undemocratic regime to be an opposition leader is a brave act.

The PF government has particularly known from the time they stole the 2016 election that the UPND was no longer a party to take lightly. In 2016 the PF predicted it would beat the UPND by a landslide of 70% but just like today they cannot read the mood of the people because they have gagged freedom of expression by ordinary citizens, closed independent media houses etc, in short the PF is out of touch.

The only danger is if the UPND doesn’t put in place vote protection in 2021. In 2021 the only hope is people power protecting the votes, if Malawians can do it , Zambians can do better? Its the Malawians who upped their game, its up to Zambians to up your game. Stop blaming the opposition parties. What are you doing as a person wanting change? Are doing any campaigns in your home community, are you using your resources to help the UPND, NDC, and other opposition parties are you prepared to put your life on the line to protect the votes?Zambians you are the biggest problem.

On the Bally fever gripping the Nation, this is good idea as its meant to woo the youth who will constitute the largest voting block. It does not mean that the UPND leader doesn’t have grassroot movement in the rural areas or pre- urban areas. The UPND has evolved because there now ordinary members who are busy growing it by carrying out voluntary campaigning . This group of people don’t even hold positions in the party. This is the spirit those who want the UPND to govern in 2021 must have. Leaving it to HH alone is failure.

On seer 1 and his usual know it talk, the UPND must not make the same mistakes the PF made with seer 1. Learn from PF mistakes. If there is practical and sensible points seer 1 is making, use them but don’t make a mistake of offering him anything in terms of payment nor seek his help. The UPND has the good will of the people right now what is needed is to cement this good will by being the voice of the voiceless.

The destiny of Zambia is entirely in your hands Fellow Zambians


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