The Admission Of Deploying Kambwili To Use Tribal Remarks Against The Tonga People Is Deeply Concerning- Daimone Siulapwa

Daimone Siulapwa

Condemning UPND’s Divisive Politics and A Call for National Unity

By Daimone Siulapwa

Cornelius Mweetwa’s recent revelations have brought to light the troubling tactics employed by the UPND government in its pursuit of power.

The admission of deploying Hon. Chishimba Kambwili to undermine political opponents, coupled with the approval of using tribal remarks against the Tonga people, is deeply concerning.

Such actions not only betray the values of democracy and inclusivity but also pose a grave threat to the unity and cohesion of our nation.

The UPND’s willingness to resort to divisive strategies for electoral gain demonstrates a dangerous disregard for the well-being of Zambia and its people.

Furthermore, the relentless persecution of Hon. Chishimba Kambwili after using him with impunity and the failure to address skyrocketing tribal confrontations within the country raise serious doubts about their commitment to fostering peace and unity.

If anything, Cornelius Mweetwa needs to be charged and prosecuted with the same crimes Hon Chishimba Kambwili has been jailed on.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s silence in response to tribal and demeaning statements made by Minister of Education, Douglas Siakalima, further undermines his credibility as a leader dedicated to national unity.

The reported ethnic purge within the civil service is a troubling manifestation of the divisive tendencies within the UPND government and its impact on our national institutions.

These actions will haunt UPND aggressively in the event they lose the elections in 2026. Too many people may lose their jobs and this may lead to a civil confrontation.

In light of these revelations, President Hichilema must take decisive action to address these issues and uphold the principles of transparency, accountability, and unity.

Failure to do so would only further erode public trust and deepen divisions within our society.

As patriotic citizens, it is our responsibility to stand against any attempts to divide our nation along tribal lines.

We must unite in our commitment to building a peaceful and inclusive Zambia for all its citizens.

We must remain steadfast in our resolve to defend the unity and integrity of our nation and reject any efforts to sow discord and division.

Together, we can ensure a brighter future for Zambia and its people.

Daimone Siulapwa is a political analyst and an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment. Send your comments to


  1. Mweetwa is telling blue lies. Kambwili started his disparaging remarks against Tongas long before he left PF. Let us pray that Kambwili recovers so that he can clear the air on him being UPND project in the 2021 campaign.

    • @Truth. What does Mweetwa stand to gain by telling a damning like this one? It only serves to dilute the trust and confidence people might have in the UPND as a party. The fabric that holds any political party together is good morals and Integrity which have just been thrown out of the window by Mweetwa’s lie as you would have us believe. Revisit your assertion @Truth. The worst part is that Mweetwa is not speaking for himself but for the party.

  2. Kambili and mweetwa need to be displined,thats why upnd is paying medicals for CK cause he helped them,or tell us if every opposition leader who fall sick govt must evacuate him or her abroad,are they the only ones paying tax???

  3. Total lack of wisdom on the part of Mr. Mweetwa. What drove him to make such an outrageous claim? Would UPND really stoop so low as to engage in such abnonxious behaviour?

    Does Mr. Mweetwa understand the implications of his revelation? If truly it was a UPND project to let Mr. Kambwili loose on the nation with tribal drivel, then UPND must also be held to account for hate speech since they were the sponsors.


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