The battle for Matero seat is now heated with two top contenders, lawyer Dickson Jere and Mayor Miles Sampa outgoing each other. Jere embarked on the silent campaign through his “Matero Initiative” some four years ago and appear to be ahead on the ground but Miles has began the catch-up game seriously.

Look at this:
1. Jere donates food packs to Zingalume. Miles goes there two weeks later to donate bread.

2. Jere meets school teachers who praise him for setting up computer labs, Miles appear at Matero Girls and meets teachers too.

3. Jere launches Teqball at Matero stadium and hosts players, Miles invites Matero United players to his house for donations.

4. Jere announces that Christopher katongo and Emmanuel Mayuka will train Lusaka Tigers players in Teqball, Miles announces that he has hired Fwayo Tembo to train Matero United.

5. Jere says he will help Lusaka Tigers get back Matero stadium, Miles responds by saying he put in 10 million to renovate the stadium.

6. Jere announces that he will work with youths on starting business clusters in Matero, Miles says he will relaunch his taxis in Matero.
Let’s watch the game!

7. Jere meet Matero boxers and karatekas, Miles announced Basketball program

8. Jere distributes 10 000 masks, Miles begins food distribution in Matero



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