Edgar Lungu


Authored By Mupishi Jones

Why is the Church quiet over Mr Lungu? Where is OCiDA? Don’t they see that whatever Mr Lungu is doing and saying, it is affecting his health more than his target? This is not Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu we knew three years ago.His health is deteriorating at an alarming rate which should be a source of concern for all those who claim to care and love him especially his family.

The type of radical and rebellious political lifestyle he is engaging in is very demanding and draining at his age.Mandela was doing whatever he was doing in his twenties and early thirties,Kaunda was also a stubborn politician in his twenties and early thirties, Nkrumah was at his peak in his twenties and early thirties,even Jesus Christ was at his peak in his twenties and by early thirties he retired.All the heroes in the world were at the peak of their heroeric phase in their twenties and early thirties.By the time they were in their forties and fifties,they were hanging up their gloves as heroes and statesmen.Their spirits could have been telling them to continue but the energy within their bodies and health could not allow.Nature and destiny made them realize that there is the fullness of time to which great leaders should move on and not occupy too long the grounds on which others have the right to occupy and advance.They knew that even a bat when it perches on a tree for a very long time,it attracts the barking of dogs.Therefore, great leaders know when to leave the stage.

You cannot become a political hero in a plural democratic country like Zambia today where political competition should be viewed as a competition to serve the people better.This means one can still serve the people of Zambia in another capacity and not only through narrow partisan domestic politics.Zambian politics today is no longer a matter of life and death where you are coming in to play Jesus Christ the saviour.It shouldn’t just be you and without you alone then there’s no PF, democracy or Zambia!

The Church must quickly move in and seriously counsel this old man whose health and age are contradicting with his current political engagements.Whatever political persecution he is claiming from the UPND is arising from his own political engagements and activities.Who do you think would have been interested in him if he had remained quiet in his retirement? Why are people like Inonge, Sikazwe,Dora , Mwale and many others not being visited? Please do not hide in the name of “he’s political rights”, the man has got the right to rest peacefully too.

Please Mr Lubinda,Nakachinda, Mundubile, Mwamba,Mumbi let go of the Old Man and allow him to rest in peace! You’re not doing him a favor but instead you’re pushing him towards an early grave because of the stressful nature of the radical type of politics you want him to continue playing at his age.When you look straight into his eyes,do you see a man who sleeps peacefully at night? When you look at his face,do you see a healthy face in this man? When you hear him talk,do you hear the voice of a statesman or that of an emotionally estranged man?

Honorable Tasila,where are you? Your father did his part and he handed over the burton to you to carry on the journey.In an event that he goes today, you’ll be haunted forever because you failed to do what you should have done when nature called upon you.
How I wish I was close to him,
I submit

Mupishi Jones


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