Lusaka… Friday, 17 March 2023 (Smart Eagles)

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile has charged that the country is in a state of entropy, a disorderly manner in which things occur in order.

Hon Mundubile said under the watch of the current Government, Zambia is going nowhere slowly.

He wondered how one can explain the behaviour by the President on the Copperbelt in which he failed to deliver impactful message to the youths and opted to use unpalatable Language ‘UKUTUMPA’ against his predecessor.

He said this is an indication that the UPND is out of ideas and therefore needs help from various stakeholders through an Indaba to bring the country back on track.

‘‘How can you explain a situation on Youth Day where a President appears to the Youths who are waiting for something inspirational. All they hear is Kutumpa derogatory remark. Using unpalatable language because we are in a state of entropy,’’ he said.

And Hon Mundubile the Political violence occurring is because the true size of the UPND has been exposed.

He said the UPND is now having to come to terms with the truth that they are in power, yet they are a very small party.

He says this has been demonstrated by the numbers, on Independence, Women and youth day celebrations where the ruling party was outnumbered.

Hon Mundubile has therefore challenged the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security to put his act together and ensure to end cadrerism.

‘‘Police was beaten at Kasama Police, we have all these examples. In Kitwe, the people beaten are the ones who were arrested and not the violent cadres……… We are dealing with a party that is full of cadrerism and violence. The only reason the UPND are being seen as Violent is because we have told our people not to fight back. If our people were fighting back, the police would have been arresting them and not the instigators of violence the UPND,’’ he said.


    • Where is fuel being reduced? Maybe in Panama, yes.

      Things will get a lot worse, and there are no guarantees they will get better, until 3 months before general elections.

  1. Just because you are not in the drivers seat doesn’t mean the bus is going nowhere.

    These are selfish misleaders who are only there for themselves, zero spirit of leadership. We are done with fake leaders.

    • PF efipuba and a cursed curse Zambia has ever had since independence. We were telling these idiots that they will not know what will hit and eat them in 2021 especially that they illegally ruled Zambia since 2015, the idiots did not believe it just like they still don’t stupidly believe that they were mercilessly kicked out with hard kicks on their stinking and thieving anuses right into a conveyor to prison. Their ukutumpa will only be removed from thier empty skulls when they fill and feel prison bonds. STUPID IDIOTS.

      • Who tells this maddog that the country is going nowhere? The idiot thinks this is dununa reverse or ukubwelelapo NO NO NO and NO STUPID IDIOT, the country is going forward. Kutumpa fye kwa bamwankole and bakoswe mpoto that has blinded them to fail to see where the country is going. STUPID IDIOTS.

    • Aikona my brother. If you think the cost of living is high now, just wait another 3 months.

      It is ok to dream that Hakainde will reduce the cost of living. And now that the Kwacha is headed south, things are already getting a lot more expensive in Zambia.

      God help us all. You included my brother, unless you are a mine shareholder in Mkushi, or part of the fertiliser or RDA tender team.

  2. CRIMINALS having a field day. These are chaps who have amassedbillions in Kwacha. Even their prostitutes such as Faith Musonda were multi millionaires. That’s your legacy ba PF. Ba pompwe.

  3. Who caused this situation bro? brother indigo Tyrol you are missing a point just on mine your boss Emmanuel mwamba was reduced by Maxwell simuwe evidence is important let us not just accuse people but for PF criminals admitted that they were criminals and apology was made . Your boss mwamba was reduced to grade one talking without facts.Bro wait tomorrow and hear what is going to happen.

  4. Mundubile seems to be drunk with the freedom of speech that is now obtaining. During their time in power all those tuma press briefings of theirs would have meant going to police cells. Thank Bally for fulfilling his promises. You’re now free to talk anyhow anywhere. But be assured, Zambians are not stupid.


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