The Culture of Booing Our Leaders Must End- Lusambo


The Culture of Booing Our Leaders Must End

We have observed over the last few years the emergence of a very unfortunate phenomenon of booing our leaders. As much as our constitution provides for freedom of expression, subjecting our leaders to public ridicule and embarrassment through boos should not be encouraged.

This practice is very unAfrican and anyone who cares about the moral uprightness of our society should condemn its use. If unhappy about the performance of a leader, citizens, through the Constitution have been give a chance to express themselves through the ballot every five years. This is a prescribed methods which Zambians have agreed to use to participate in the governance of the nation.

Jeering and booing ferments anger and hate in our society and can easily escalate into physical encounters between rival camps which should not be allowed to occur.

As a Christian Nation, we all recognize that national leadership is causation of God and therefore all leaders must be respected. For us as Africans, in our home set up, even if your parent is irresponsible and looked down upon in the community, you are not expected to participate in mocking your parent. Even if your Mother is a drunkard, you are expected to love and respect such a Mother even in her grave. This is the part of our culture we seem to be losing with these boos that are happening.

We condemned it when it happened against President Lungu at the inauguration ceremony of President Hichilema in 2021 and we again, strongly condemn it this time because it still remains an abomination and something we strongly abhor.

We therefore appeal to the Church Mother bodies and all the Men and Women of God to raise their voices in condemning this cowardly and immoral behavior of booing our God given leaders.

Hon. Bowman C. Lusambo


  1. Kikikikiki, broke Lusambo attempting to use other means to seek sympathy from HH. Booing is better than insults you hurled on HH when you were in power.

  2. Precisely honorable Lusambo.Your sentiments and observations are correct.That is where we go wrong, with cases or without when one is speaking the truth we must appreciate and possibly correct the wrong.This honestly speaking has nothing to do with his court issues.He is basically talking about morality and our Zambian culture and respect for leaders and elders.What cultural values are we going to leave with our children if we celebrate uncouth behaviour in our society.


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