The Dilemma of Stanely Kakubo …was this a diplomatic bomb waiting to explode- Amb. Anthony Mukwita

Stanley Kakubo
Stanley Kakubo

The Dilemma of Stanely Kakubo
…was this a diplomatic bomb waiting to explode

Amb. Anthony Mukwita wrote


This evening, me myself personally and several other Zambians read news about Mr Stanley Kakubo resigning from his lofty position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Zambia.

If I may say so myself for context’s sake, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in other jurisdictions beyond Zambia, especially in the west and Asia where we copied and pasted our democracy from, it is the most coveted job in town—it actually means that you have been ´anointed´ to be the next President or Prime Minister in normal functional democracies.

So, it comes to this, your education and work credentials must be up to proper high specs, maybe a PhD or a million-dollar business portfolio, NOT a certificate in FOREX exchange on the streets, you are at par with the President in our case President Hakainde Hichilema, a renowned economist and rancher.

Why did the President not give the job to brother Gray Nkhombo or Cornelius Mweetwa, they fit the bill, education, and experience but then I am just spit balling here.

Was President Hichilema saying to us that after all the intelligence we praise him to possess, MP Kakubo was his alpha and omega for that humongous job?

Or maybe our boss does not want someone who can shine a light higher than him because with due respect, MP Kakubo did not cut the grade, look at the list below looking at his education and experience, as a person he is good man God bless him:

Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger etc…! look at what they brought to the table and place Mr Kakubo there.

Let´s commend MP Kakubo, the lawmaker for Kapiri Mposhi constituency for ´resigning´, let us not demonise him as he goes through this tough mine deal gone bust…ST happens.

Let us also commend President Hichilema for giving MP Kakubo an ´easy way out´ to ´resign´ instead of firing him because that’s what happened, Stan got canned.

Let us hope that President Hichilema this time around will replace MP Kakubo with someone with an education and experience that can be his mirror, and Zambia optimally mirror.

Maybe a Havard or Yale grad level like Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa. Foreign Affairs is big…heavy is the Crown.

Merry Christmas yet again, hon. Kakubo, we have you in our prayers, God will open another door for you!

Who will President Hichilema push into Kakubo´s boots? Is it going to be someone at par with HH of yet another weak link in the chain? We wait.
How is the graft fight going in Zambia?

Amb. AM 26.12.23 Boxing Day


  1. Ambassador Mukwita, you have hit the nail right. Hakainde wanted a Zombie for a foreign Minister. Not just some one who can shine better, but some one who can be controlled.
    A certificate in Katondo forex transactions? Which college offers these certificates? A Foreign Minister is a very senior position.
    There’s more to Hakainde’s
    foreign trips than meets the eye. Something happens on these trips…Look at the number of times he has been to Dubai!
    Secret deals are being made on these foreign trips… Zambia should wake up.Protect your assets and resources.
    Any wonder why this man is being treated with kid gloves. He knows a lot of rot.

    • Your ECL anointed a mechanic joe malanji foreign affairs minister and it was okay but for HH to appoint an accountant and banker you raise eyebrows. Anthony Mukwita is still very bitter for the recall that befell him under the charge of the erstwhile minister. He cannot say anything positive about him.

      • I was about to say as much. Thank you for reminding Anthony Mukwita who wrote a book about Edgar Lungu. He tells us in the book that Lungu was born at Ndola Central Hospital in 1956. Those who knew Ndola town in colonial times countered that it was not possible as it was an all-white facility in those days. There was no reply from the Lungu camp to this and there won’t be now.

  2. I have repeatedly said here that Gary Nkombo should have been president in this government.

    Our mines would have been safer. And I am sure he would not be making appointments based on tribe alone.

  3. Anthony Mukwita, the useless boy who went to Europe to masquerade as an Ambassador. He bussied himself buying expensive underwear and eating lunches in expensive restaurants. Very materialist selfish little brat. Ati ba Ambassador? Kuwayawaya fye.


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