The Easter Lesson from President Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema kept his low life as he went back to his humble beginnings during the Easter Holidays. The President joined his family at his farm in Namwala. He used his time to interact with his family and old friends whilst keeping himself involved in various farm works.

To me his silent message is that let’s never forget our past! He brings the message that whatever goes up will surely come down.
Therefore, let’s always help those that we can as well as those that we have been with through our struggles.

He teaches us also not to despise our humble beginnings, instead let them remind us of the many others out there who are going through what we went through and now need our helping hand.

This also goes to ask each one of us to always work hard and be humble in life. His message of humility and hard work is there for all of us to emulate.

Thank you for this silent lesson Mr. President



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