The Economy is so bad that Government must increase salaries for workers-Alice Rowland Musukwa


The Economy is so bad that Government must increase salaries for workers-Alice wrote

I went to have Lunch at twapadula. I asked on of the workers how much she got paid and she said K2,000 and the owner of the restaurant is actually trying to even pay them that much because she can easily fire some and keep a few because the place is not as busy as back then, it’s like ba blue collar don’t even eat out like before.

My point is the government is trying to fix the economy right? that the PF abused right? we all get the point but how will the economy get fixed if we can’t even negotiate to have the $ exchange low so that even small businesses can jump start their lives? Kwacha that was stronger to rand is now useless so even those that traveled to SA by road to get things for sale can’t afford.

if $ rate is going up are government workers getting an increase to their salaries? If a police worker gets paid K7,000 bululu you are getting paid $300 a month meaning you can’t even afford to buy a second hand car from Japan in 6 months of hard work, general workers that get paid K2000 are getting paid $80 a month.

Yes it’s not only in Zambia so you say, but can’t we focus to better our land and not pay attention or compare a village to a kingdom, you can’t compete with what you can’t compare. You can’t compare Zambia to USA or South Africa and when things are bad it’s okay to admit and work to better it not blames and excuses, when it was PF we complained and voiced out, ECL didn’t blame it on ba Sata but rather even tried to lie to cover up, asking people to work extremely hard and turn them into donkeys won’t change the fact that at the end of the Day they will still fall back on high cost of living and not everyone can be a farmer even farmers need a lot farming products to grow their crops or whatever it is, the point is if there is no reasonable prices to accommodate a common Zambian we should agree things are bad and stop making excuses.

We stood with the new government for change for the people and therefore we shouldn’t shy away or mute if the same people feel the need to know what’s wrong.

Before you come and comment here or insult me , ask yourself if you have K10,000 $400  for emergencies like funeral or sickness or road accidents


  1. Praise singers insult anyone that complains about this high cost of living under Hakainde. They insult anyone that complains about tribal appointments and the rampant corruption by UPND conmen.

    Even my innocent blog will attract insults. Wait and see.

    This has been a very tough lesson for us voters.

    NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD. In our case, it was actually cheap zinc pellets.

  2. Alice where do you expect the government to get money to increase salaries of workers? Are you the only one that doesn’t know that PF had ran the economy to the ground? Ask yourself in the time of PF, how many times were workers salaries increased? Salaries had been frozen for 10 years for the workers except for Lungu, his Ministers and MPs. Why do you think they defaulted on the debts they had accumulated and had to go for student allowances? Do you still believe KCM was liquidated in real sense or was handed over to Miligo Lungu to become Lungu’s and PF cash cow? Do you realise the PF deception of the arrangement for workers to get loans from service providers and government deducted instalment payments on behalf of workers to pay the loans but was perpetually falling to remit the deductions leading to workers suffering double deductions! The caused so much harm to the workers. Have you forgotten the debt swap saga? These are the same receptionist telling the people that elebwelapo believing that everyone has forgotten. Don’t give people false hope, the alternative will be worse. Support the government to ensure the debt structuring works because there is no other option. The debts PF had accumulated from china was being shared among themselves, the slay queens and the caders instead of spending it on real infrastructure projects. You must have noticed that because they were building sham road infrastructure, to show the people the infrastructure projects they had constructed they resorted to getting pictures of projects done in other countries and present them as projects done in Zambia on Lungu’s Facebook page. We can’t go backwards. Advocate for things that are feasible.

  3. This is why people like Chellah Tukuta were insulting you Alice. I thought you shagging a Muzungu would help you improve your thinking, understanding and horizon but I was totally wrong.
    In your thinking, where do people negotiate Exchange rates to come down? Please, this just shows how shallow you are in thinking is. You surely don’t know anything despite that glamour of yours. The best you could have done is to keep quiet or ask a friend instead of advertising your ignorance.
    The Exchange rate is determined by a simple law of supply and demand. So in times of higher demand and low supply for the dollar, the lwacha rate will deteoriate because the Kwacha will come under pressure. The opposite is also true. So tell me who you want to negotiate with in that situation?
    Remember, the pain of low exchange rates is the price for Lungu’s corruption and theft of public funds. That huge debt Lungu left will continue haunting Zambians including your grandchildren for at least 50 years to come.
    Debt does not go away just because you changed Govt so don’t expect the new Govt to perform miracles.
    Lungu and PF stole big and problems with the debt he left are just beginning. The journey is not for the faint hearted.
    You’re lucky, your job is easy, you just take off your clothes and take naked pictures. Sometimes you even get paid extras for giving the gentlemen blow jobs. Think of the many women working in Lodges; they get peanuts for a full body massage plus full sessions of sex come twice!!
    Good day Alice Rowlands

  4. Stick to your fake lifestyle, fashion, telenovas and all that nonsense. Economics is way to difficult for your pea sized brain to comprehend. You don’t seem to know whether you are going forward or retreating backwards.

  5. Surely UPND cadres you used to claim to be knowledgeable, articulate and intelligent but alas what I’m seeing on social media is a reminiscence of the men who are aging with shrinking brain cells probable emerging dementia or cognitive impairment on the background of the feel of being a naked emperor.
    Hi Hi was in opposition facing challenges and stigmatisation, Madam Musuku with a strong sense of responsibility and respect for others, even risked everything for defending HI Hi as he is Zambian like anyone else. Because of Madam Masuku having a command of followers, the world paid attention. She spoke with compassion and empathy about human rights and the struggles that Hi Hi was going through as un Zambian.
    She was a darling of the people today who are insulting madam Masuku for being honest and caring. Won hearts and minds of them.
    What has changed today? It’s because she has hit the nerve centre of Hi Hi and his insulting vessels because they can not articulate their views in an intelligent, respectful and honest way without resorting to insults.
    My take on this , insults do not harm anyone they just make people more likely to speak louder and clear because they are not debating with intelligent, rational , knowledgeable, adults but useful idiots.
    The mayeba we used to contribute with on Lusaka times were intellectually intelligent men who had a spine to stand on . Today Even my mbuya Kaiser Zulu can beat these UPND guys pants down.


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