By Editors

There is hovering animal and enemy of Hakainde Hichilema in this government and this enemy comprise people he appointed to help him run government better.

This enemy doesn’t carry Hichilema’s vision but that of eating and stealing but Koswe won’t let this enemy breathe its corruption smell debt this government.

Readers. You are all aware of the PF constitution and its written rule that all those heading government departments should be PF card carrying members.

And this is the weapon being used to frustrate Hichilema and to matters worse, those appointed by the President have gone to bed with the same PF criminals in these offices.

We are told that recently Hichilema said that those appointed must ensure that Zambians are given audience and not PF washed thugs or loyalists in government offices.

Readers. Are you aware that funds are being released for medicines in hospitals but today medicines are being stolen by very PF top thieves in government and selling to private pharmacies and if you doubt, go to clinics and these PF thieves will write a prescription for you and tell you which pharmacy to buy such medicines.

And immediately they steal the medicines, they go to town talking loudly that there are no medicines and PF pages start singing this way and later PF mouth pieces start talking.

We stood by Zambians before the New Dawn government and we will do so now and anyone who has issues with us, can look around for a ZESCO charged electricity driving pole- Koswe


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