UPND Consultant, Mark Simuuwe


By Mark Simuuwe

Propaganda had an era in world politics ; not anymore , especially with the social media technology age .

Propaganda simply means lies . Unfortunately, PF and M’membe still believe propaganda can work in politics. They are busy publishing propaganda statements without facts . Information that only themselves are aware of .

Information which Citizens can’t prove . Meanwhile , all government information can be verified due to oversight institutions like FIC , ACC, DEC , Auditor General’s report , including the legislature through the public accounts committee, among other parliamentary committees.

As for propaganda , it is deleted immediately there is a response or clarification by the respective office. You can’t call propaganda as politics!

What PF lack are serious intellectuals to push a noble political agenda to , first of all, intellectually fight free education, fight the massive recruitment of teachers and health workers which youths are enjoying , massive recruitments , CDF, Agro loans , Skills training , market loans , making of desks for schools under CDF , councils purchasing graders across the country, road construction without using loans from other countries but PPP, civil servants getting salaries on time , clearing of Salary Arrears for Council workers , paying retirees, ZNS purchase of 10 milling plants , establishing fertilizer manufacturing plant , opening of Shaft 28 on Copperbelt , Chambishi Metals , putting an end to Carderism of attacking whoever is found in opposition political party regalia , media freedoms , which they are also enjoying , resolving loadshedding , mine expansions due to stable political environment translating into more jobs , etc.

I have seen Emmanuel Mwamba publish lies that HH was not given the guard of honour in China , and a day later pictures were shown , and Mwamba disappeared.

Fred M’membe equally starting the Post Newspaper agenda of tribalism in which he coined the word , “Bantustan”.

Just the behavior of writing about other tribes every time makes him irrelevant and a danger to national security , later on unfit to be a statesman . It is people with such behavior who can sponsors genocide and terrorism against other tribes .

They gain when citizens begin fighting , just like PF were enjoying to see dead bodies of citizens like Nsama Nsama , Joseph Kaunda , Mapenzi Chibulo , Kasongo , among others , who will never even come back yet the killers would want more chance to be trusted again.

Citizens may recall that PF used tribe propaganda with fake videos from another country that the people of Bweengwa were attacking other tribes. Later , it was discovered to be a lie.

Tribalism never worked for PF yet they still believe it can work . The ones instigating ethnic hegemony is a small group of conmen who lost elections .

Today , they are now using propaganda that the UPND said the PF were corrupt yet they are not being arrested ; they know Zambians forget easily and they have forgotten that so many PF officials are appearing in court for being in possession of properties suspected to be proceeds of crime , including the propagandist himself .

And PF is busy dancing a misleading M’membe tribal Post Newspaper song which does not work in modern politics and is an offence .

Unfortunately, PF don’t learn civil politics, because the Post Newspaper taught them tribalism; they still want to use it and it has continued to make them look irrelevant and dangerous to citizens who have lived together for more than 56 years .

Zambians have seen what tribalism has brought in other countries. In fact , social media has helped them to See more than what these propagandists are publishing.

What the propagandists are missing is that with technology, citizens are aware of many bad cases of tribalism on social media in other countries than what the propagandists think .

Today , Emmanuel Mwamba brings out another lie about IMF . Later it is discovered that he was lying . How do some old people feel when they are caught lying then they disappear?

Lies have short legs . They will continue wasting time on lies that have short legs ; meanwhile time for them it ticking .


  1. We still remember PFadvertising it’s developed works in road construction depicting photos from the internet of road construction works from other countries including fish farms.

  2. .Musonda, it is unfortunate for you that Mark Simuwe’s article is beyond your comprehension, and so all you can do is to vilify President Hakainde Hichilema. This article is telling gullible people to be wary of pathological liars like Fred Namakando Mmembe and Emmanuel Mwamba. Mark has pointed out several lies made by these two.
    Yes, Mark is right. The days of Joseph Goebbels are long gone.

  3. The author is typical Tonga and typical tribalist. Mmembe is not a tribalist and has never been one and will never be one. Mmembe is just telling the tribalists to stop being tribalistic because it can bring war in the country. Like now the country has been divided into two because of tribalism by the Upnd government. So this author because he’s Tonga he pretends not to “see” what Mmembe reffers to as tribalism, where most positions under Upnd government are occupied by Zambezi tribes! You may pretend not to see now, but most citizens are saying “we just wanted to try them, but they have failed us in all sectors . . . .”! So when Upnd government is out of office then they will see what they “can’t see now”!


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