The escape route for the CCC remains forming a new party now – Mliswa


Filing papers again under CCC when you had just been recalled by Tshabangu stands as a very dumb move. Simple logic showed that Tshabangu would simply come again and block the candidates. Politics doesn’t work well with emotions. It needs a rational and dispassionate approach.

You don’t just plunge headlong, blinded by emotions and excitability inspiring yourself with end-time messages in a secular matter. That won’t work. Now CCC finds itself where ZANU-PF really wanted it. Cornered, divided and dazzled.

The escape route remains forming a new party now. It was even better done earlier before the disembowelment got this bloody but the oft stated emotions blocked any logic. With each new Tshabangu punch it’s clear the disdain to form a new party is mere obstinance not strategy.

Again CCC is failing to appreciate instances of the law against those of politics. You can never win law cases whilst parroting political mantras before Judges. In some cases accusations of captured courts are randomly thrown when the opposition has simply failed to do its job.

CCC leaders should simply be held to account for some of the blunders and unstrategic moves which have made the party a defenceless sheep. While the party has been under attack its leaders have made the situation even worse through not-so-brilliant decisions and moves.

In a normal country they should even consider resigning to maintain integrity. I challenge them to resign. When the initial recalls began they should have had all MPs and Councilors resign in protest and that was more strategic and powerful before the party became a dead weight.

They could have contested as independents caucusing together as a party. They didn’t take heed. Resultantly many are realizing how most of the politicians are simply there for their stomachs. All talk of protecting gains is convenient balderdash in the larger democracy war.

Temba Mliswa is the former Independent MP for Norton and also a former member of the ruling Zanu PF party.


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